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Self-diagnostics of piezoelectric transducers


Self-diagnostics of a system for diagnostics and monitoring (hereinafter - SDM) of hazardous production facilities ensures minimal cost of such system’s operation, metrological reliability and availability factor [1-7]. Modern SDM comprising software-hardware complexes having combination of self-diagnostic methods which decreases their reliability. The paper considers a hardware method of a SDM’s vibration measuring channel end-to-end self-diagnostics from the sensor’s sensing element to the display.

The suggested method is based on producing a test signal to the sensor circuit and its further analysis by software-hardware means [2, 5], was utilized, particularly, in development of SDM for petrochemical units.

The paper considers an approach to reliability increase of a condition monitroing system  with a piezo-sensor by means of condition control for measuring-transducing channel using self-diagnostics. The paper considers selection of the most efficient parameters for self-diagnostic circuit. The results of the practical experience are presented.


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Kostyukov V.N., Kostyukov Al.V. Self-diagnostics of piezoelectric transducers // The 11th International Symposium on Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments (ISMTII 2013)

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Tags: condition monitoring diagnostics vibration sensor machinery Date: 22.11.2016
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