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In 2001 the quality management system of DYNAMICS SPC was put through facultative certification. In 2018 it was recertified for compliance with standards ISO 9001:2015. Its results confirmed a high level of goods and services quality management.
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Home Publications Articles Modern methods and means of on-line monitoring of parameters and real-time health monitoring of piston machines

Modern methods and means of on-line monitoring of parameters and real-time health monitoring of piston machines


The paper is devoted to the current development and prospect development of modern methods and means of condition monitoring and diagnostics of reciprocating compressors in hazardous industries. The analysis of well-known monitoring systems enables determination of points for installing sensors in compressors and their assemblies including the controlled assemblies. The principles of condition control presented in monitoring systems have been studied. Technology of condition monitoring systems was examined.

The most systems receive diagnostic signals by means of stationary systems called on-line monitoring systems, in which equipment condition is estimated at the moment of signal receipt according to the measured parameter value without analyzing the causes of its change. In addition, the lack of automatic expert systems of diagnostics and lengthy diagnostic period exceeding the time of defect development testify that the examined on-line monitoring systems are parameter monitoring systems.

Methodology, implementation technology and principles of construction of real-time condition monitoring systems have been analyzed. The methodology of real-time condition monitoring and diagnosing is based on measurement of parameters of indirect processes (vibroacoustic oscillation) that requires installation of 5 sensors or less in a cylinder. The measurement of direct structure and thermodynamic parameters is provided as well.

The condition monitoring system is based on algorithms of real-time decision-making expert system with automatic detection (i.e. diagnostics during measurement of diagnostic signals) of more than 23 malfunctions of compressor assemblies and a hazard degree. The system also provides personnel with the instructions on compensatory control. Scientifically grounded diagnostic period enables reduction of static and dynamic errors by 5% that enables condition monitoring of the most significant equipment and overall production complex.


Naumenko A.P. Modern methods and means of on-line monitoring of parameters and real-time health monitoring of piston machines // The Eighth International Conference on Condition Monitoring and Machinery Failure Prevention Technologies (CM-2011/MFPT-2011)

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Tags: condition monitoring diagnostics piston compressor vibration analysis Date: 20.03.2015
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