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In 2001 the quality management system of DYNAMICS SPC was put through facultative certification. In 2018 it was recertified for compliance with standards ISO 9001:2015. Its results confirmed a high level of goods and services quality management.
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Home Publications Articles Automated control system of safe resource-saving operation and maintenance of rolling stock equipment of suburban passenger trains

Automated control system of safe resource-saving operation and maintenance of rolling stock equipment of suburban passenger trains


Increased number of incidents and emergencies on railway transport make us become seriously aware of handling the problem of control and condition monitoring of equipment of all infrastructural assets at all life-cycle phases. It is widely known that the lack of objective quality control of manufacturing and repair of equipment at the stages of production and maintenance and the lack of observability of the real condition degradation processes during the operation keep us from taking reasonable, both economically and technically effective actions for maintaining a high equipment reliability level promptly.

Availability of a big number of various monitoring and control tools at the disposal of manufacturing and service enterprises is no guarantee for high quality equipment condition assessment. These tools are not universalized in general, there is no consolidated base of monitored parameters and testing results, the required metrological performance is not maintained, support service are frequently non-provide. As a result, is that only about one third of technical control means are available in the enterprises' arsenal on-stream. However, there is another problem, because to get the practical importance for monitoring and testing results there must be observable to all levels of management hierarchy at any time.

Solution of the denoted problems is achieved by the development of condition monitoring and automated control systems [1].

Summarizing over 20 years experience of monitoring and diagnosing of critical equipment of continuous dangerous productions of petrochemical, iron and steel, and mining industries and the experience of rail transport equipment diagnosing DYNAMICS SPC now actively develops the innovative management engineering of rolling stock equipment condition based on real-time monitoring - automated control system of safe resource-saving operation and maintenance of equipment COMPACS®.

The purpose of the COMPACS® implementation and development is increasing the railway transport safety and providning continuous operation by efficient condition control of rolling stock equipment and infrastructural assets based on uninterrupted automatic real-time condition monitoring.


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Kostyukov V.N., Kostyukov A.V., Kazarin D.V., Schelkanov A.V. Automated control system of safe resource-saving operation and maintenance of rolling stock equipment of suburban passenger trains // Railway equipment. Special issue Innotrans 2012. - Sept. - Р.101-102

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Tags: condition monitoring electric multiple unit rolling stock resource-saving MDRS monitoring Date: 22.12.2015
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