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Home Products COMPACS-RPE The COMPACS-RPE system for electric motors diagnostics

The COMPACS-RPE system for electric motors diagnostics

Electric motor diagnostics by vibration, temperature and current
The COMPACS®-RPE system

The COMPACS®-RPE system for electric motors diagnostics

The COMPACS®-RPE system is a modification of the COMPACS® computer monitoring system and is designed for electric motors after-repair health diagnostics.

The system provides vibration parameters control (vibration acceleration, velocity, vibration displacement), measured in front end and tail motor bearing planes in vertical, horizontal and axial directions, useful current, measured in accordance with voltage phases, front end and tail motor bearings temperature and the motor rotor rotation frequency.

The system has a built-in automatic expert system, which allows an automatic detection of the following malfunctions: defects of inner and outer races, separator, rolling elements, rotor and stator contact, weakening of fitting, enlarged clearance, compressed bearings, end shield misalignment, stator windings defect (electrical imbalance), electric motor rotor imbalance and others.

The COMPACS®-RPE allows to diagnose from 1 to 8 electric motors simultaneously and ensures the electric motors commissioning with a maximal potential resource.

The electric motor quality, evaluated according to digital signal processing and measurement results, are displayed as colored pictograms (green – "ACCEPTABLE", yellow – "MEASURES REQUIRED", red – "UNACCEPTABLE") and diagrams with numerical parameters values.

The system carries out a complete analysis of vibration signals by means of fast Fourier transformation, digital filtering and envelope selection.

The tested equipment data can be saved in the system archive.

The system for electric motors diagnostics COMPACS-RPE software
Main window of the COMPACS®-RPE Software

The COMPACS®-RPE system advantages

  • built-in automatic expert system capable to diagnose the electric motors failures;
  • comprehensive analysis of vibration signals using algorithms of fast Fourier transformation, digital filtering envelope determination;
  • printing of the test report after the electric motor diagnostics and archiving the results;
  • prevention from putting low-quality electric motors into operation;
  • easy maintenance and self-diagnostics of the built-in system;
  • successful industrial operation at the Russian Federation refineris located in Angarsk, Achinsk, Berezniki, Volgograd, Omsk, Sizran, Yaroslavl, Khabarovsk, as well as in Burgas (Bulgaria).

The COMPACS®-RPE system structure

  • diagnostic station;
  • universal measuring module (UMM);
  • vibration transducers, thermal transducers, current sensors, RPM sensor FD-2;
  • connection cable;
  • maintenance documentation.

The COMPACS®-RPE system operation modes

  • "MONITOR" Mode displays information on the controlled unit health.
  • "TREND" Mode displays and analyzes the measured parameters trends.
  • "ANALYSIS" Mode provides analysis of the signals spectra received from the vibration transducer.
  • "SYSTEM" Mode displays information on the built-in self-control system.
  • "OSCILLOGRAPH" Mode provides analysis of the signal form and the system set-up.
  • "ARCHIVE" Mode provides search, viewing and printing of the electric motor test reports.

Engineering solutions, implemented in the system, are protected by the Russian Federation Patents on various objects of intellectual property and Сertificates of official registration for computer programs.

Warranty for supplied equipment - 12 months.

Basic Characteristics
Operation frequency range for vibration
parameters measuring, Hz:
vibration acceleration
vibration displacement
Range of measured mean-square value of
vibration parameters (programmable):
vibration acceleration, m/sec2
velocity, mm/s
vibration displacement, μm
Limits of basic relative error in
vibration parameters measuring
at base frequency (f=159,2 Hz), %
vibration acceleration
vibration displacement
Irregularity of amplitude-frequency characteristics
of vibration parameters measuring by vibration
transducers in operation frequency range, %
vibration acceleration
vibration displacement
Temperature measuring range by thermocouples
of ТHА or ТHK type, °С
Limits of basic absolute error in measuring temperature
without the thermocouple, °С, not exceeding
Alternating 50 Hz-frequency current measuring range, А
Limits basic reduced error in measuring
alternating current, %, not exceeding
Measuring range of rotor rotation rate, rpm
Limits of basic error in measuring
rotation rate, %, not exceeding
Maximal time of measuring by a channel, sec, not exceeding
Time for operation mode establishing, min, not exceeding








Operation Characteristics
Service life, years
Diagnostic station
Power supply parameters:
voltage, V
frequency, Hz
Power input, W, not exceeding


      Specifications can be changed without prior notification

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