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Home Products Compacs-Net: Diagnostic network of depot The Compacs-Net depot diagnostic network

The Compacs-Net depot diagnostic network

The Compacs-Net operation mode “SYSTEMS” displays all the depot EMUs health
"SYSTEMS" Software mode
“PROTOCOLS” Software mode
"PROTOCOLS" Software mode
EMU test report, generated by the Compacs-Net depot software
Example of a test protocol viewing

The Compacs-Net® depot diagnostic network

The Compacs-Net® depot diagnostic network combines systems for diagnostics and tests of assemblies and units in repair departments the COMPACS®–EXPRESS and the COMPACS®–Agregat, the comprehensive electric sections diagnostics system COMPACS®–EXPRESS-TR3 and the on-board EMU-trains monitoring system COMPACS®–EXPRESS-3 in the single complex of MDRS automatic health monitoring. The Compacs-Net® carries out data collection and storage on the server, and issues the diagnostic information to the technical supervisor and the enterprise head for analysis.

Owing to the Compacs-Net® diagnostic network, objective data on an EMU-train health becomes available to the heads and executives in real time.

The Compacs-Net® depot diagnostic network provides:

  • forming and transmitting of the equipment testing results from the diagnostic to the enterprise network;
  • saving test results in the single server database;
  • presenting the analysis results to different users;
  • data analysis according to executives, testing units and diagnostic systems;
  • collection of data on the diagnostic systems health and operation;
  • issuing and printing of test protocols (technical readiness reports);
  • issuing and printing of reports according to test results analysis.

The Compacs-Net® depot diagnostic network structure

  • Server – an industrial, PC-compatible rackmount computer, made by the world leading manufacturers.
  • The COMPACS®-SERVER software, pre-installed and adjusted to OS Linux.
  • The COMPACS®-USER software.

The Compacs-Net® depot diagnostic network operation modes

"SYSTEMS" Mode - displays stand systems health within the network (available only when the server connection is active).

For each stand system it displays:

  • colour indication of condition (green – on and testing; grey - off);
  • description of the system use;
  • colour indication of the latest test results (red – object condition is "UNACCEPTANLE" for further operation; yellow – object is in "MEASURES REQUIRED" state; blue – the stand system failures have been found during the test; green – object is in "ACCEPTABLE " state for further operation);
  • brief information on the latest test results (name of the object under test, test type, test objects connection chain, test date and the date of test results received by the server, expert messages, test conclusions, full name of the person, who performs the test);
  • performed test statistics.

"LOGS" Mode displays the list of test logs in a table form (available only when the server connection is active).

This screen represents:

  • short and full information on the test results (test log number, test performance date, stand systems names, full name of operator, test type, test object name, test object serial number and test log data in common table);
  • filter setting feature by fields and values of the common log table;
  • test log view and print feature;
  • common test log table view and print feature;
  • upload of trends and signals files, generated during tests.

"TREND" Mode - analysis and viewing of trends parameters.

This mode allows to carry out analysis of the parameters trends for the last 12 hours (when connected to the station only), 4 days, 40 days, 1 year and 9 years. Automatic pointer, automatic scaling and availability of setting the trend reference time provide an efficient analysis of parameters changes over time and track the changes in the equipment health by different parameters. Up to 8 trends can be displayed at the same time.


More detailed information is available on the diagnostic network Compacs-Net® page.

All the equipment and software are passing through 100% presales testing and preparation.

The warranty for supplied equipment - 12 months.

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