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Home Products Compacs-micro The Compacs-micro personal system for automatic vibration analysis

The Compacs-micro personal system for automatic vibration analysis

Vibration analyzer with the built-in automatic expert system

The Compacs®-micro™ personal system for automatic vibration analysis

The Compacs®-micro™ personal system for automatic vibration analysis is a means of prompt equipment diagnostics and one-, two- or three-site dynamic balancing of units.

The Compacs®-micro™ system diagnoses the units and mechanisms condition based on the expert system messages and signals analysis (spectra, envelope, cepstra, etc.).

Vibration analyzer 8710 makes a prompt collection and analysis of measured signals’ parameters, by means of required units, sections and measuring points selection.

The system carries out the diagnostics according to the a preliminary established route, arbitrarily or with the help of measuring points automatic recognition technology. Also, the device helps to make an evaluation of the units condition according to GOST R 53565, GOST ISO 108 16-3, GOST 20815, GOST 30576 standards.

Vibration analyzer provides data transmission to the outer media (tablet, laptop, stationary PC, diagnostic station of the computer monitoring system COMPACS®), via Wi-Fi or micro-SD card.

The Compacs®-micro™ personal system includes:

  • Vibration analyzer 8710 with a set of sensors: vibration sensor (with a magnetic fastening, pin-connected, vibroprobe), rpm sensor, in-built temperature sensor.
  • The Compacs®-micro™ software.
  • Personal diagnostic station - PDS (personal computer, laptop or tablet on the basis of Windows XP, 7, 8, supplied on customer's choice).

The Compacs®-micro™ advantages

  • The system operates within the framework of the real-time health monitoring systems of the enterprise machinery - ACS SMSRTM™ COMPACS®.
  • Automatic diagnostics of the equipment health using parameters of vibration, temperature and a shaft rotational speed.
  • Built-in function of automatic assessment of the equipment condition according to GOST R 53565, GOST ISO 108 16-3, GOST 20815, GOST 30576 standards.
  • Visual messages concerning the machinery condition issuing on a display of the device.
  • Verbal messages of the expert system issuing on the headphones.
  • Automatic calibration and self-diagnostics of the system.
  • Vibration analyzer uses the technology of the automatic recognition of measuring points - TARMP™.
  • Ergonomic construction, colour touch-screen 46x59mm (240x320 pixels).
  • The data saves to the micro-SD memory card, 2 Gb, FAT16 file system.
  • The function of one-site balancing of machinery rotors during operation.
  • The function of one- two- or three-site balancing of machinery rotors during operation.
  • Noncontact measurement of the unit temperature by means of the built-in infra-red thermometer.
  • Wireless interface for the contact with a personal diagnostic system or the COMPACS® systems for route download and update, transmission of the data on unit condition, time implementations of the vibration signals.
  • Spectral express-analyses of the vibration signals by means of built-in facilities.
  • The analysis of the vibration signal time implementations with a random quantity of discrete values, aliquant 2 (together with the outer PDS).
  • Analysis of signals in a range of 2 to 12560 Hz with the number of spectral lines < 32768 with frequency < 0,01 Hz.
  • Real-time trends.
  • Software in-built bearing database, containing more than 3000 items of Russian and world-spread types of bearings.
  • Explosion-proof construction of 0ExiaIICT3 class.

The Compacs®-micro™ system has 2 operation modes:

  • off-line - without PDS.
  • on-line – with PDS.

The route can also be implemented by the manual input of measuring points, or with automatic identification if the unit is properly equipped, or preliminary established.

Off-line operation mode

In that mode the control and parameters collection is carried out by means of the vibration analyzer 8710.

Vibration analyzer measures vibration acceleration, vibration velocity, vibration displacement, temperature, rotating frequency, which are used as the diagnostic features, and displays their qualitative and quantative characteristics, reflecting the equipment condition.

Also, there are a function of equipment condition assessment according to the standards and single measurement of vibration parameters with arbitrary settings of air intake duct. In the on-route data collecting mode the measuring point can be chosen both by choosing the unit, section, subject and by means of measuring point automatic recognition technology. After every measuring the spectral analysis can be carried out. After on-route data collection the data is transmitted to PDS or the COMPACS® system for the follow-up detailed analysis and archiving.

In addition, device can be used for rotor balancing in the own bearings.

Moreover, the device allows to carry out off-line assessment of rotating equipment condition according to the following standards: GOST R 53565, GOST ISO 108 16-3, GOST 20815, GOST 30576.

In the on-route operation mode and diagnostics by the standards the device displays messages on the equipment condition according to the selected units and standards, indicating the vibration features with the following colors: green - normal (satisfactory), yellow - measures required, red - unacceptable condition of the unit.

The off-line Compacs-micro™ operation mode
Vibration analyzer screen in the
Measurement Parameters Mode

The off-line Compacs-micro™ operation mode
Vibration analyzer screen in the
Measuring Results Mode

The off-line Compacs-micro™ operation mode
Vibration analyzer screen in the
Vibration Acceleration Signal Time Mode

The off-line Compacs-micro™ operation mode
Vibration analyzer screen in the
Vibration Acceleration Signal Spectrum Mode
The off-line Compacs-micro™ operation mode
Vibration analyzer screen in the
Balancing Mode
The off-line Compacs-micro™ operation mode
Vibration analyzer screen in the
Surface Temperature Mode
The Compacs-micro™ operation mode «MONITOR»
The Compacs-micro™ operation mode «TREND»
"TREND" Mode
The Compacs-micro™ operation mode «ANALYSIS»

On-line operation mode

In this mode the Compacs®-micro™ system operation is conducted by means of the PDS software. The built-in expert system provides verbal messaging and visual image of machinery condition on the PDS display using the following colored icons:


The system allows carrying out an automatic health monitoring, archiving the measurement results with scanning period from 1 second to few dozen minutes set by the user and print the required results of the system operation.

The system archives the measurement results and displays changes (Trends).

The Compacs®-micro™ software has 5 basic operation modes: MONITOR, MEASUREMENT, ANALYSIS, TREND, BALANCING.

"MONITOR" Mode - the main mode where expert system messages shows the results of automatic diagnostics of the defects and malfunctions of the equipment(bearing, centering, fastening, etc.) are issuing to the display and PDS built-in loudspeaker or headphones. The equipment can be grouped into sections, based on pump or compressor units types.

"TREND" Mode. The system allows collection of the measuring data and displaying the values as trends. In this mode the values over the last 12 hours, 4 and 40 days, a year, 9 years can be displayed, as well as the real-time trends. Automatic pointer, automatic scaling and availability of setting the trend reference time provide an efficient analysis of parameters over time changes and track the equipment health changes by different parameters.

"ANALYSIS" Mode allows to analyze the signals temporal and spectral characteristics, which are saved in the data base, or analyze these characteristics during signal measurement in real-time.

More than 50 parameters can be preset in the "ANALYSIS" mode for measuring and analyzing signals, including:

  • sampling frequency and sampling scope;
  • weight function type;
  • cut-off frequency of the lower and higher frequency filters;
  • filter parameters for calculating envelope curve;
  • parameters for calculation of rotational components.

"BALANCING" Mode is used for pump rotors dynamic balancing.

"BALANCING" Mode has 2 operation modes: measuring and balancing.

Vibration analyzer 8710 has a special explosion-proof construction 0ExiaIICT3. It can be used in dangerously explosive zones of any type.

The system is registered in the State Register of Instrumentation.

Engineering solutions, implemented in the system, are protected by the Russian Federation Patents on various objects of intellectual property and Сertificates of official registration for computer programs.

The warranty for supplied equipment - 12 months.

Characteristics of the vibration analyzer 8710
Frequency range for vibration parameters measuring MSV:
for vibration acceleration, Hz
for velocity, Hz
for vibration displacement, Hz
Amplitude range for vibration parameters measuring
MSV (programmable):
for vibration acceleration, m/sec2
for velocity, mm/sec
for vibration displacement, μm
Possibility of the sampling frequency choice, Hz

Shaft rotational speed, measuring range, rpm
Temperature measurement range, °С
Shaft balancing in the bearings
Maximal number of counts in temporal realization 
Accumulated number of measurement results
in maximal temporal realization, not less
Maximal spectrum lines quantity
Temperature range of the system operation, °С
Time of continuous work, h, not less
Dimensions, mm, not more
Touch-screen size, mm (pixels)
Weight, kg, not less


200...32000 in 0,001
increments from the
sampling frequency,
but less than 1 Hz

46х59 (240х320)
Characteristics of the Compacs®-micro™ System
Accumulated number of of measuring results, signal and
parameter values (limited by the hard drive volume) 
Maximal number of lines in the spectrum
Maximal frequency resolution of the lines in the spectrum, Hz

Sampling frequency selection feature, Hz:

Processing of signals in "ANALYSIS" mode

Pointer in "ANALYSIS" mode

Spectrum analysis weight functions


Shaft balancing in own bearings

Operation systems compatible



200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200,
6400, 12800, 25600
signal filtration, integration,
spectrum analysis, cepstrum analysis,
envelope analysis,
harmonic, synchronous,
side frequencies, band
Rectangular, Hamming,
Henning, Nuttall
12 hours, 4 days, 40 days,
1 year, 9 year, real time
by one, two, three planes

MS Windows XP
MS Windows 7
MS Windows 8

Specifications can be changed without notification

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