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In 2001 the quality management system of DYNAMICS SPC was put through facultative certification. In 2018 it was recertified for compliance with standards ISO 9001:2015. Its results confirmed a high level of goods and services quality management.
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Home Products COMPACS-EXPRESS-TR1 The COMPACS-EXPRESS-TR1 comprehensive system for EMU-trains diagnostics

The COMPACS-EXPRESS-TR1 comprehensive system for EMU-trains diagnostics

Diagnostics of electric control circuits of electric multiple unit train by the COMPACS-EXPRESS-TR1
Connection to electric control circuits
Diagnostics of compressed-air brake system of electric multiple unit train by the COMPACS-EXPRESS-TR1
Connection to compressed-air brake system
Mobile part of the COMPACS-EXPRESS-TR1 comprehensive system for EMU-trains diagnostic
Mobile part of the COMPACS®-EXPRESS-TR1

The COMPACS®-EXPRESS-TR1 comprehensive system for EMU-trains diagnostics

The COMPACS®-EXPRESS-TR1 comprehensive system for EMU-trains diagnostics is one of elements of the ACS SMSRTM™ MDRS COMPACS® technology. It has been designed for efficient evaluation of motor-driven rolling stock health during maintenance TO-3 and repair TR-1 in a depot.

Without uncoupling the system provides an efficient detection of the main malfunctions and diagnostics of the following equipment:

  • wheel-motor-units (bearing boxes, reduction gears, flexible couplings, traction motors);
  • electric insulation of power and auxiliary circuits;
  • current collector;
  • compressed-air brake system;
  • control circuits;
  • power electric circuits;
  • heating and auxiliary machinery circuits.

According to the pointed classes of EMU-train equipment, the COMPACS®-EXPRESS-TR1 system contains seven sub-systems, interacting as one.

The COMPACS®-EXPRESS-TR1 system structure

The system includes stationary and mobile parts.

The system stationary part is placed near inspection pits of ТR-1, ТО-3 shops and includes the basic equipment (cable lines, power connectors, reducing transformer).

The system mobile part includes the main measuring-controlling equipment, power and weighing systems of wheel-motor-units, small-sized wireless measuring devices, diagnostic controller, auxiliary technological devices and gears. The system is placed on an electric car, which serves as the equipment storing place. The car platform has a size of 3,4 х 1,3 meters.

The COMPACS®-EXPRESS-TR1 system special features

The equipment technical readiness reports are automatically generated according to the results of each test. The data are archived and saved in the diagnostic controller memory. As the full test cycle is over, technical readiness reports for sections and the whole train are automatically generated.

The whole test program duration does not exceed 2 hours, including preliminary and final operations.

All diagnostic procedures are compiled in accordance with a list of tests, carried out during maintenance TO-1 and operating repair TR-1, according to RD 104.03.667-2007 "Electric multiple unit trains. General maintenance and operating repair guide" and CT-533 "Directions for maintenance, repair and tests of locomotives and motor driven rolling stock brake equipment".

The system can be integrated in the Compacs-Net® depot diagnostic network.

Engineering solutions, implemented in the system, are protected by the Russian Federation Patents on various objects of intellectual property and Сertificates of official registration for computer programs.

The warranty for supplied equipment - 12 months.

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