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Home Products COMPACS-EXPRESS-3 The COMPACS-EXPRESS-3 on-board system for electric multiple-unit trains equipment health monitoring

The COMPACS-EXPRESS-3 on-board system for electric multiple-unit trains equipment health monitoring

Detection of malfunctions occurrence and development in EMU train and the information displaying in a driver's cabin
Electric multiple-unit train equipped
with the COMPACS®-EXPRESS-3 monitoring system

Information from sensors placed on EMU board, is transmitted in real time to the on-board diagnostic station
Controller in the driver's cabin

The COMPACS®-EXPRESS-3 on-board system for electric multiple-unit trains equipment health monitoring

The COMPACS®-EXPRESS-3 system is designed for electric multiple-unit train equipment real-time health monitoring and allows to detect timely occurrence and development of malfunctions with data issuing on the display located in the driver's cabin.

On-board monitoring system allows to obtain the full information on the health of bearing assemblies, compressed-air brake system and electric multiple-unit train electrical circuits during the motion, as well as observe defects level and development, form recommendations for locomotive and repair crews on the required maintenance and actions to be taken.

The system measures vibration, temperature, pressure, traction current and auxiliary electrical circuits current, motion speed, current geographical coordinates of the train and command units location. All the information from the sensors is transmitted to the on-board diagnostic station.

The system forms and archives technical state reports for each car and the whole train, issues them on the diagnostic controller display, which is located in the driver’s cabin, and transmits the reports to the Compacs-Net® diagnostic network for the personnel in charge for diagnostics, the depot heads and all the interested subdivisions.

The COMPACS®-EXPRESS-3 system advantages

  • Health monitoring is carried out on the basis of diagnostic parameters analysis in conditions of a variable high-speed and load modes of an electric multiple unit train motion.
  • The system software and hardware are reliable in severe operation conditions.
  • The system provides metrological characteristics in a wide temperature range from -40°C to +60°C and a relative humidity up to 100%.
  • The system uses wireless technologies, which allow to transmit effectively the data on particular assemblies and units health without interference in the train construction.

The system contains GPS-navigator, constantly detecting the train location and indicating the nearest station. As the train getting closer o the terminal station, the data are transmitting to the depot server for the personnel in charge of the electric multiple-unit train diagnostics.

The on-board system for electric multiple-unit trains monitoring COMPACS®-EXPRESS-3 provides maximum safety for passengers (prevent accidents and crashes), increases effectiveness of the train maintenance, allows to extend run-to-failure and consequently decreases substantially the operation costs.

Engineering solutions, implemented in the system, are protected by the Russian Federation Patents on various objects of intellectual property and Сertificates of official registration for computer programs.

Real-time health monitoring of electric multiple-unit train by the COMPACS-EXPRESS-3
The COMPACS®-EXPRESS-3 system scheme

The COMPACS®-EXPRESS-3 system components

  • on-board diagnostic station (diagnostic controller);
  • intellectual interface modules PIM™;
  • the Compacs-Radio-Net® wireless net module;
  • the CORNET®communications hub;
  • impulse counter;
  • voltage control device;
  • vibration sensors;
  • temperature sensors;
  • direct current sensors;
  • alternating current sensors;
  • pressure sensors;
  • system adapter.

Electric multiple-unit train malfunctions, automatically detected and issued to personnel by the COMPACS®-EXPRESS-3 expert system

  • axle equipment:
    • bearing defects;
    • low-quality and poor lubrication;
    • balancing, centering and fastening defects.
  • traction reducers:
    • engagement defects;
    • bearing defects;
    • low-quality and poor lubrication.
  • solid-rolled wheels, wheelsets tyres:
    • roll surface defects.
  • traction motors:
    • bearing defects;
    • low-quality and poor lubrication;
    • commutator-and-brush assembly defects;
    • balancing, centering and fastening defects.
  • compressed-air brake system:
    • malfunctions in a driver’s brake valve;
    • leakage in a brake line;
    • leakage in a feed line;
    • pressure controller malfunctions;
    • leakage in a brake cylinder;
    • air distributor malfunctions.
  • compressor:
    • operation modes violation;
    • phase short circuit;
    • loss of phase.
  • transducer:
    • generator phases misalignment.
  • electrical control circuits:
    • malfunctions of a driver’s brake valve circuits and driver’s controller;
    • malfunctions in compressor control circuits.
  • power electrical circuits:
    • electric circuit malfunctions in traction motors;
    • short circuit in a power chain in various states of a driver’s controller.
  • auxiliary electrical circuits:
    • short circuits and breakage in auxiliary machines chains.

Characteristics of electric multiple-unit train diagnostics carried out by the COMPACS®-EXPRESS-3 monitoring system

Characteristics Value
EMU-trains under monitoring 91
Units of EMU-trains under monitoring 429
Operation malfunctions detected,
mechanical 26
traction electric engines 31
auxiliary electric machines 25
electrical equipment and control circuits 43
compressed-air brake system malfunctions 29
malfunctions confirmation percent, % 100

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