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In 2001 the quality management system of DYNAMICS SPC was put through facultative certification. In 2018 it was recertified for compliance with standards ISO 9001:2015. Its results confirmed a high level of goods and services quality management.
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DYNAMICS SPC participation in the 21st World Petroleum Congress


DYNAMICS SPC took part in the 21st World Petroleum Congress and exhibition

The 21st World Petroleum Congress and exhibition were held on the 16-19 of June, 2014, in IEC "Crocus Expo", Moscow.

The 21st World Petroleum Congress is the main event in the Russian and world oil industry in 2014. About 500 exhibitors and more than 5,000 delegates from all over the world participated in the exhibition and the Congress. The event was attended by the largest oil and gas companies from different countries.

In the exhibition, held within the Congress, among the vast majority of international corporations, DYNAMICS SPC was presented as Russian national developer of systems for condition monitoring of hazardous production facilities.

During the exhibition there was held the world premiere of the newest products of DYNAMICS SPC such as the COMPACS®7 multiplatform system and the system for real-time monitoring of operation technogenic risk of dangerous industrial objects Compacs Asset Management™ (САМ™).

The COMPACS®7 system provides automatic (non-human) diagnostics, units health monitoring and prognosis with issuing the prescriptions on the nearest urgent actions to the technical personnel in the operation unit and to the heads of enterprises through the diagnostic network. The system works with a number of software platforms, including Linux and Windows, that corresponds to the requirements of different customers selecting an operating system for a real-time diagnostic system.

Compacs Asset Management™ is a unique product, in which for the first time in the world the real-time monitoring of the equipment operation risk is realized as well as automatic calculation of operating efficiency indicators of process unit equipment operation such as technical readiness coefficient, technogenic risks, economic impact, maintenance and repair efficiency, etc.

During the 4 days of the exhibition more than 100 leaders and experts from more than 40 companies from all over the world visited the DYNAMICS SPC exhibition stand. Specialists of the national oil companies from the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region developed an interest to the COMPACS® system for automatic vibration and condition monitoring of the equipment, therefore, an agreements on official visits of DYNAMICS SPC chief executives to potential customers were reached.

Thus, we can recognise with full confidence the global presentation of technology for safe resource-saving operation and maintenance of equipment as successful, that confirms the urgent need for companies all over the world in the growth of technogenic safety and operating efficiency of refineries and petrochemical enterprises based on the COMPACS® systems.

DYNAMICS SPC participation in the 21st World Petroleum Congress and exhibition in Moscow
The DYNAMICS SPC team on the exhibition stand
DYNAMICS SPC participation in the 21st World Petroleum Congress
Working with the stand visitors
DYNAMICS SPC participation in the 21st World Petroleum Congress and exhibition
The DYNAMICS SPC specialists on the stand
The system for vibration analysis of rolling bearings COMPACS-RPP
The COMPACS®-RPP system
The system for monitoring and vibration analysis of the machinery condition COMPACS7
The COMPACS®7 software screen
The Compacs Asset Management™
The Compacs Asset Management™ software screen

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