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In 2001 the quality management system of DYNAMICS SPC was put through facultative certification. In 2018 it was recertified for compliance with standards ISO 9001:2015. Its results confirmed a high level of goods and services quality management.
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DYNAMICS SPC has received a response to the On-board Systems COMPACS-EXPRESS-3 from the Ramenskoye Depot


In the "Clients and Responses/Responses" section a response of the Ramenskoye Depot to the on-board systems for EMU-train equipment condition monitoring COMPACS®-EXPRESS-З has been placed.

Real-time vibration analysis and monitoring system for electric multiple unit machinery

Tags: electric multiple unit COMPACS-EXPRESS-3 MDRS monitoring Date: 16.09.2014
Views: 1816

The article by DYNAMICS SPC has been published in the SpringerLink Global Interactive Database


The article "Pump Unit Diagnostic and Test Bench" by DYNAMICS SPC employees: V.N. Kostyukov, S.N. Boychenko, A.V. Kostyukov, O.N. Kopelev, A.A. Pavlov, A.G. Shestov, A.Y. Tavolgin, D.S. Shelestov has been translated and published in the SpringerLink Global Interactive Database.

SpringerLink is one of the leading global interactive databases of high-quality journals, book series, books, reference works, and interactive archive collections. The base contains documents on scientific, technical and medical disciplines.

Springer Science+Business Media is an international publishing company, which specializes on publishing academic journals and books on natural-scientific disciplines: (theoretical science, medicine, economics, engineering, architecture, building and transport)

Pump Unit Diagnostic and Test Bench

Tags: diagnostics pump rotor balancing Date: 09.09.2014
Views: 1942

DYNAMICS SPC is honored with a "Leader of the Industry - 2014" title


DYNAMICS SPC has won an "Leader of the Industry – 2014" prize by the All-Russian Business Rating

DYNAMICS SPC has won the first prize in the Siberian Region of All-Russian Business Rating and obtained an "Leader of the Industry – 2014" status.

The grounds for status conferment are comparative numerical analysis of financial and economic showings of DYNAMICS SPC and the branch competitors of the equal size. The comparison was held within AAA group (the highest level of reliability) according to the OKVED 73.10 "Research and development in natural sciences and engineering".

The "Leader of the Industry – 2014" award is usually conferred on the best Russian enterprises only, on the basis of the Federal Government Statistical Service official data, turned into the All-Russian Business-Rating. The rating based on facts and figures only, eliminating the "human factor".

Director General of DYNAMICS SPC, head of Independent Authority of Personnel Certification, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor, Russian Federation Government Award-winner, professor Vladimir Kostyukov has won an "Order of Russian Land" for high professional management skills.

First Deputy of the Director General - Andrey Kostyukov was awarded a title "Businessman of the Year – 2014".

"Industry experts" diplomas were given to the heads of departments: the Technical Director, Candidate of Technical Sciences Alexey Kostyukov and Russian Federation Government prize-winners: Sergey Boychenko and Alexander Meling.

SPC “Dynamics” award SPC “Dynamics” is honored with a “Leader of the Industry – 2014” title SPC “Dynamics” Director General award

Tags: reliability award Date: 08.08.2014
Views: 2047

DYNAMICS SPC received "Accountant of the year" award


DYNAMICS SPC became the winner of the Annual National award "Accountant of the year 2014"

The award ceremony "Accountant of the year" was held on 19th of June, 2014, at the Hotel complex of Russian Federation President administration called "President-hotel" 5* in Moscow. The award ceremony was held within of the Thirty-first public recognition ceremony "Elite of the national economy".

The best accountants (following the results of 2013), including the Chief accountant of DYNAMICS SPC Nino A.A., gained the official status of "Accountant of the year" on 19th of June 2014. The winners were awarded by a diploma and a statuette. The contribution of the heads of the organizations, where the award winners work, took into account. Director General of DYNAMICS SPC, Russian Federation Government Price winner, Doctor in Engineering, Professor V.N. Kostyukov received honorary badge "For qualitative statement of the accounting and internal control in the company".

The selection of nominees for the Annual National award "Accountant of the year - 2014" was carried out on the basis of an analytical research, conducted by the Foundation for business development promotion on the basis of the Rosstat data, reference book of the Russian Federation President Administration, rating agencies and other publicly available information sources.

The award "Accountant of the year" is designed to find, note, and glorify the best experts in the field of accounting in Russia. These are people who have devoted their lives to the art of financial reporting and accounting reporting, taxes and payroll. Not only is the welfare dependent on their work, but, often, the very existence of their organization.

The award "Accountant of the year" helped DYNAMICS SPC to become a collective member of the Foundation for business development promotion (FBDP). The Foundation for business development promotion (FBDP) was established by the initiative of a deputies group of the Russian Federation State Duma, members of the RF Federation Council and the International club of business leaders for the realization of the Interstate public program "Business development".

The medal of DYNAMICS SPC Director General the Chief accountant of DYNAMICS SPC gained the official status of “Accountant of the year” DYNAMICS SPC is a collective member of the FBDP

Tags: award Date: 01.08.2014
Views: 2055

DYNAMICS SPC received a response to the COMPACS-RPP system for vibration analysis of rolling bearings from "LUKOIL-Ukhta Refinery" LLC


The response of "LUKOIL-Ukhta Refinery" LLC to the COMPACS®-RPP system for vibration analysis of rolling bearings has been published in "Customers and responses/Responses" section.

Bearings vibration analysis

Tags: bearings vibration analysis COMPACS-RPP acceptance test Date: 29.07.2014
Views: 1943
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