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In 2001 the quality management system of DYNAMICS SPC was put through facultative certification. In 2018 it was recertified for compliance with standards ISO 9001:2015. Its results confirmed a high level of goods and services quality management.
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DYNAMICS SPC production was presented at the Siberian Industrial-innovative forum - PROMTECHEXPO-2015

The forum was held in Omsk, 17-19 of March, 2015 supported by Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, International Association Siberian Accord, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and Non-profit Partnership "Siberian Machine Building".

PROMTECHEXPO-2015 is devoted to showing the abilities of Russian industry in import substitution conditions. In the exhibition took part not only Omsk companies, but companies from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Kurgan, Kemerovo, Tomsk, Byisk, Cheboksary, Ekaterinburg, Kirovograd, and others. Also, delegates from France, Belorussia and Khazahstan industrial companies visited the event.

DYNAMICS SPC presented the technology of Safe-Money-Saving Real-Time Maintenance™ (SMSRTM™) of continuous productions, based on knowledge of its actual condition. The technology is created on the basis of stationary monitoring and vibration analysis system COMPACS®.

The COMPACS® system is one and only system in the world, which uses all known methods of non-destructive testing. Particularly, for the diagnostics of machinery (dynamic, rotary) equipment the COMPACS® system uses vibration, current and temperature parameters. Static equipment is controlled by the system by means of acoustic-emission and parametrical methods of non-destruction testing. The main advantage of the system is that it is not only measures and visualize the measured parameters but automatically analyses them issuing the results to the personnel in the form of prescriptions for concrete actions aimed at normalizing the equipment condition.

The COMPACS non-destructive testing equipment

Tags: COMPACS vibration analysis resource-saving acoustic emission monitoring accidents prevetion Date: 17.04.2015
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DYNAMICS SPC has received a response to the system for rolling bearings vibration analysis COMPACS-RPP


In the "Clients and Responses/Responses" section the response of Verkhnetagilskaya Thermal Power Plant to the COMPACS®-RPP system for rolling bearings vibration analysis has been published.

Bearing test machine
Bearing testing

Tags: vibration analysis rolling bearings COMPACS-RPP acceptance test Date: 14.04.2015
Views: 1611

DYNAMICS SPC has received a response to the innovative technology of real-time monitoring of failures and operational risks of electric trains


During the IX regional conference "Concerning the perspectives of cooperation of Chuvashia Republic industrial enterprises and Non-profit Partnership "Union of industries of Railway Equipment" (NP "UIRE"), which took place in Cheboksary 11-12 February, 2015, the "Innovative technology of real-time monitoring of failures and operational risks of electric trains" developed by DYNAMICS SPC was approved and recommended to wide implementation.

Chuvashia Republic logo NP “UIRE” logo

Tags: condition monitoring diagnostics electric multiple unit MDRS Date: 03.04.2015
Views: 1544

The report "Developing and realization of condition monitoring for rotor systems in oil-and-gas industry" has been published


The report "Developing and realization of condition monitoring for rotor systems in oil-and-gas industry" by Makhutov N.A., Kostyukov V.N., Leshchenko V.V., Kostyukov A.V., 2012, is placed in "Publications" section.

Developing and realization of condition monitoring for rotor systems in oil-and-gas industry

Tags: monitoring Date: 13.03.2015
Views: 1380
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