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"Slavneft Yaroslavnefteorgsintez" JSC: Article in the newspaper "Neftekhimik"


COMPACS® indicates the right direction

The reliability of process units of our company is very much dependent on the fault-free operation of pump-and-compressor equipment. Statistics shows that only in 1994-1996s there were more than 200 major accidents on petrochemical and oil-refining enterprises due to breakdown of the pumps for transportation of explosive products.

In recent years, we had a number of activities that greatly reduced the number of emergency breakdowns of pump-and-compressor equipment. The stock of existing pumps was updated, and repair technique improved. However, international some Russian plants experience recommended the implementation of stationary systems for machine equipment vibration analysis operation.

The analysis of existing stationary systems and experience of their operation at Omsk Refinery allowed to choose COMPACS® Stationary system for Computer Monitoring (computer monitoring for accidents prevention and equipment condition control). This system is designed by Omsk Scientific Production Centre "Dynamics", organized on the basis of an aerospace industry Research Institute.

All designs of this centre have been tested at the units of Omsk Refinery, equipped with 12 systems, that control 420 pieces of equipment. Our experts studied the application experience of stationary system for vibration analysis, implementation efficiency and its capabilities at the given plant. In 1998, Slavneft Yaroslavnefteorgsintez signed a contract with DYNAMICS SPC for design, production, installation and launching of the system COMPACS® at the unit AVT-4. The main works were made during the overhaul in October, and commissioning was completed in December of the preceding year. Personnel of the workshops №1, 11, 15 and 18 now face the task to master the system, study its strengths and weaknesses. COMPACS® system is designed for continuous monitoring of the technical condition of pumps and motors and warning about intolerable defects in the testing equipment. Vibration and temperature of pump and motor bearings are measured with the help of sensors and thermocouples installed on the pump and motor, motor load current is measured with the help of the current relay installed at the substation.

Through connecting cables and transforming remote modules signals from the sensors, thermocouples, current relays are passed to the diagnostic station, based on industrial computer and installed in the operator's room, for processing, display and storage. The diagnostic station not only monitors the condition of units on the parameters of vibration, temperature, and consumption current, but also provides automatic diagnostics of the units.

The results of the system operation are displayed on the screen, which provides various information with the help of appropriate "menu". The choice of a "menu" is a simple switching of number or hot keys of diagnostic station. This provides simple and convenient communication with the system for engineering technicians, engine operators, operators, electricians, repairmen, who use the information for their work.

Thus, COMPACS® system allows:

  • Duty personnel at any time to know the technical state of all units connected to the system.
  • To provide a verbal and visual alert of the staff about intolerable defects of the equipment.
  • Specialists, using vibration spectrum, to find hidden, quickly developing defects in order to take the necessary actions.
  • To use fully of the controlled equipment resource and repair it considering its technical condition.
  • To keep in the diagnostic station memory control data for several years and provide them reproducing in detail the equipment performance in emergency situation.
  • Objectively assess the quality of the maintenance at the first start of pump unit after the repair.
  • Chief mechanic and Chief power engineer services to reduce the vibration of the pumps and motors to the existing standards by eliminating the detected vibration sources – improper units fastening, bad foundations, piping vibration, etc.

If we can fully use the COMPACS® system potential, so due to pumps accident prevention, we will significantly increase the stability of the AVT-4 operation and completely eliminate downtime or its transfer into circulation due to these reasons.

It should be noted that even periodic vibration monitoring of pumps, which is performed for two years by a group of vibration diagnostics on AVT-4, has significantly improved their technical condition. During implementation of COMPACS® system, the specialists of DYNAMICS SPC were pleasantly surprised that only 10 percent of AVDU-4 pumps of unit operate in "Intolerable" mode, while in other plants, as a rule, the number of these pumps is up to 50 percent or more.

With the implementation of the new system, the number of repairs is increased, as it is necessary to eliminate defects of the pumps and motors operating with high vibration. But when improvement of the units is performed only according to their actual state, number of repairs will decrease. Accordingly, the amount of spare parts and materials will also decrease. So the cost of repairs will reduce to 20-30 percent.

Strict quality requirements, for pumps and motors maintenance imposed by the implemented system will require from the staff a higher level of accuracy and quality of work, the use of high-precision machining facilities, tools and instruments, as well as more advanced designs of pump assemblies and parts: face seals of new types for oil products with temperatures up to 400 degrees, plate couplings, bearings of modern types, etc.

COMPACS® system is rather expensive. Ruble collapse in August last year had affected its price as almost all component parts and assemblies were purchased abroad in currency. In December its price was increased approximately 2.5 times. So difficulties of financing operations have been exacerbated by the fact that major part of the expenses was financed from the repair funds. When it is necessary to cut expenses, affecting the net cost, purchase and implementation of a stationary system should be marked as "modernization" item of expenditure.

The experience of Omsk Refinery showed that COMPACS® system is paid off in one year. Under financing, this year we are planning to purchase and install stationary system at 1A-1M and AVDU-4 units and connect the remaining pumps to the diagnostic station.

The implementation of COMPACS® system is the way to the safe resource-saving operation of mechanical equipment and process units.


Source: Neftekhimik, №3 (522), 22.01.1999

Authors: Deputy Chief Engineer V. Popov / 1999

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