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Home Customers & responses Responses "Kuibyshev Refinery" JSC: Response to the operation of the compressors and turbines control systems COMPACS

"Kuibyshev Refinery" JSC: Response to the operation of the compressors and turbines control systems COMPACS


The system COMPACS® has been installed at the unit L-35/11-1000 of the workshop №1 of the Kuibyshev Refinery. The system provides control and analysis of operation of the centrifugal compressor CC-1 of 5CD-208/30-45M grade and steam turbine ST-1 of K-6-30P grade.

The system COMPACS® monitors the operation (vibrotechnical condition) of compressor and turbine bearing units in three directions: axial, vertical and horizontal, as well as provides the ability to measure three quantities: velocity (mm/s), vibroacceleration (m/s2), vibrodisplacement (mic). In addition to bearing vibration, the number of the compressor rotor revolutions and the oil temperature when pouring off the compressor and turbine bearings are measured as well.

COMPACS® is easy to operate. The indications of vibration sensors have been repeatedly checked by additional measuring of vibration by the portable vibration analyzer M-2115, the results are positive. The system allows to analyze the unit operation by looking at trends. COMPACS® is necessary for safe operation of petrochemical plants.

The system COMPACS® is desirable to be established on the pumping equipment of the unit L-35/11-1000 of the Kuibyshev Refinery workshop №1. This will allow to monitor constantly the temperature and vibration of operating equipment, especially the high-voltage pumps N-1, 2, 8, 9 of NPS-200/700 grade (N=400 kW, U=6000, n=2950 r/min) and hot pumps N-3, 4 of NK-335/560-120 grade, N-5 of NKV-600/125 (N=132 KBT, U=380, n=2950 r/min), N-12, 13 of NKV-360/125 grade (N=100KBT, U=380, n=2950 r/min).

The unit lacks of piston machines diagnostics during their operation, except for visual inspection. Installing the sensors of valves malfunction, hydroblows diagnostics, crosshead and piston operation, will detect the failure of the piston compressors PC-1, 2 of 4M16-22, 4/23-64 grade at earlier stages.

To date, the system has an inconvenience. When starting a centrifugal compressor CC-1, the rotor revolutions control is carried our from the operator’s premises, but it is necessary to see the system indications from the gas compressor facility (directly at the machinist's workplace).


Authors: Head of shop №1 Yu.G. Sivtsov, Mechanic of shop № 1 E.V. Simonov, Mechanic of the plant 35/11-1000 Costin D. / 2003

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Tags: COMPACS vibration analysis accidents prevention Date: 05.06.2009
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