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Home Customers & responses Responses Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery: Article in Newspaper "Neftepererabotchik"

Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery: Article in Newspaper "Neftepererabotchik"


The COMPACS®: reliable operation of machinery

On 27 November, 2015 the COMPACS® vibration analysis system implemented in shop №1 (LK-6U) was presented to Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery specialists by a production company from Omsk – DYNAMICS SPC. In the presented material we are going to explain what kind of system it is and how it works.

The COMPACS® is a stationary condition monitoring system for pumps and compressors created by DYNAMICS Scientific & Production Centre.

Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery works with this company for a long time. In 2004 in shop № 10 (ex repair-mechanical base of the refinery, now - Total Service partnership) Russian test benches for console pumps running and bearings acceptance testing were implemented, which considerably improved the operation of machinery. At the time they proved themselves to be reliable and responsible partners. In 2015, within the investment program for 2015-2017, Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery established a long-term contract with the Omsk company for implementation of the condition monitoring system for pumps and compressors. With this contract 41 pumps at the S-100 (ELOU-AT) unit of the shop №1 was equipped during the overhaul with the COMPACS® system by the specialists from Omsk and Tayan service company. Condition monitoring of the pumps is carried out by vibration analysis and parametrical methods of non-destructive testing (vibration, heat, ultrasound, electrical, eddy current, acoustic, optical) by means of 122 vibration sensors, 122 temperature sensors and 41 current sensors. Integrated use of these methods ensures condition control of rotating equipment (pumps, compressors).

From now on, pump units are surely protected from unexpected breakdown. As told by the COMPACS® developers – the system can significantly reduce the number of accidents at the site of its implementation. Indeed, our Russian partners live up to our expectations: for only one month of the COMPACS® system operation 4 accidents at LK-6U were prevented due to timely detection of N-118, N-119, N-123 and N-131 pumps defects.

How does this miraculous system works? As explained by our colleagues and the developers, the system works extremely simple. The data on the machinery condition is transmitted from sensors via the diagnostic network Compacs-Net®, Pavlodar Refinery computer network, and the COMPACS®-User software to the particular monitors located in operator room of the shop №1 and personal computers of mechanical engineers of S-100 unit and shop №1, vibration diagnostic engineers, deputy chief mechanical engineer of Pavlodar refinery. That allows our specialists to monitor condition of each pump directly from their offices.

So that plant workers could promptly detect malfunctions of pumps, specialists of DYNAMICS SPC developed a color scheme and sound system for the COMPACS®. For example, green color at the monitor indicates that the equipment has normal condition, yellow informs that there is a problem and you need to take actions to solve it, and red indicates that the situation is critical and there is an urgent need to shut down the unit. Just like a traffic light. If on the screen there is a gray color – it means the equipment is in reserve. Besides, the system verbally provides information on the number of the pump and the position where there is a problem and issues an expert advice: what kind of problem occurred, and which steps it is necessary to take to prevent an accident.

Sergey Khudyakov, mechanical engineer of C-100 unit of shop № 1 shared his true impression of this unique system: "From the first days of its operation, the COMPACS® began to pay off. Thanks to the development of our Omsk partners, the shop was able to prevent problems in a number of positions of pumping units, which could lead to an emergency shutdown of not only the equipment, but also of a complex process, and perhaps even the entire plant. Although, at first glance, there were no signs of an accident. An advantage of this system is that it is now possible to switch from preventative maintenance to the operation of the equipment according to its actual technical state in real time. In addition, the COMPACS® not just report problems, but also offers specific measures to eliminate them. Moreover, it seems logical that, in due time by eliminating defects in the equipment, we thereby reduce the cost of repair of pumps and the acquisition of spare parts for them."

Experts of Omsk company DYNAMICS SPC have implemented their "child" not only on the LK-6U complex, but also at the KT-1. There, during the overhaul they equipped five compressors in gas and air compressor rooms with a stationary system for vibration analysis. And they are planning to implement the COMPACS® at 76 pumps in the shop № 3 in the first quarter of 2016.


Authors: Reporter of Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery corporate newspaper "Neftepererabotchic" Alyona Lepp / 2015

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