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ITAR-TASS: Response to the comprehensive condition monitoring system MDRS


Moscow railway got first suburban commuter trains equipped with air-conditioners

MOSCOW, July, 28 Moscow railway got first suburban commuter trains equipped with air-conditioners. This information was announced to the correspondent of ITAR-TASS by the metropolitan railway government.

First three trains of eleven cars each will soon begin to "run" towards Gorky and Yaroslavl direction. "They were produced in Demikhovskii Machine Engineering Plant, and all the constructive solutions, applied to them, were made according to the wishes of the Russian Railways as well as passengers who have been asked to fill out a questionnaire," - noted in the government.

But the main innovation was the installation of air-conditioners that can automatically maintain fixed temperature in the cars and ventilate air in the vestibules. In order not to damage the environment, the doors of new type were installed in the cars, and the windows can be opened for ventilation at a large angle, which should increase the air flow.

"Until the end of the year we will get 15 trains, which will have to "run" towards the most intense directions" - said the interviewee, stressing that these are "the most common routes, which are now mostly equipped with the ordinary "green" trains". The outside appearance of the new trains has also changed - they roll off the production line painted in the corporate red-gray color of Russian Railways, and center of the car is decorated with the company logo.

Having seen these trains of a new type in Demikhovskii Machine Engineering Plant, ITAR-TASS correspondent confirms that passengers will be surprised by the interior of the train, equipped with comfortable soft sittings, modern luggage racks and lamps, shining with gentle unflickering light. The inter-vestibule compartments are heat- and sound-insulated, so design engineers resigned doors which are now necessary to be opened and closed when going from one car to another.

Furthermore, each train is equipped with video control systems in cars and comprehensive condition monitoring systems. The latest with the help of wireless communication will give real time information on technical parameters and possible deviations to the specialists of the nearest depot server, responsible for the diagnostics of electric multiple units.


Authors: ITAR-TASS correspondent Roman Romishevsky / 2011

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Tags: condition monitoring electric multiple unit COMPACS-EXPRESS-3 Date: 09.08.2011
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