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Home Customers & responses Responses "Astrakhangasprom" LLC: Analytical note to the results of implementation of COMPACS monitoring system

"Astrakhangasprom" LLC: Analytical note to the results of implementation of COMPACS monitoring system


to the results of implementation of COMPACS® monitoring system at the production units №3 of Astrakhan Gas Processing Plant "Astrakhangasprom" LLC

COMPACS® system, performing continuous full-time monitoring of pump-and-compressor units state with continuous recording of all measured parameters on hard disk, provided reliable emergency shutdown protection of the equipment during run-to-failure of the 3d production units at AGPP in 2001 and 2002. There were no incidents with surface safety valve (SSV) during this period, but in 2000 there were 3 incidents with the pumps:

  1. H-58 / 2 - because of untimely stop of the pump by heating of bearing assembly due to poor lubrication - operational failure;
  2. H-99 - because of self-unfastening of mounting bolt of the clip by improper bolt tightening and the hit of the bolt to the flow part, which led to bolt jamming and damage of the driving screws - operational failure;
  3. H-58 / 2 - because of untimely stop of the pump by heating of bearing assembly due to poor lubrication or defective bearing installation - operational failure.

Analysis of the incidents allows us to conclude that the origin of the incidents is as follows:

  • low quality of elements fabrication and pump maintenance;
  • low quality of operation .

Implementation of COMPACS® Stationary Systems of Vibration Analysis and Condition Monitoring allowed to the observe the state after repairs and during operation, thus excluding human factor and providing an objective assessment of units condition:

  • by equipment commissioning;
  • during equipment operation (timely inform the staff about the emerging problems).

The calculation of the annual economic effect of the monitoring system COMPACS® implementation

The implementation of COMPACS® system allowed to change the structure of pump-and-compressor units repairs at U-731, U-732, U-734 of AGPP. Current and midlife repairs are carried out by the indications and recommendations of COMPACS® system for the actual state of the pumping unit between general maintenance. The repairs of piston-type and centrifugal units, which have positive results of diagnostics, were postponed 30% of the deadline or performed according to the schedule of preventive maintenance and repair.

Cost variance for performed pump repairs before the implementation of the system in 2000 and after the implementation in 2001 will amount the annual saving.

Over 2002 the tendency towards cost reduction of the repairs is held, so it is reasonable to expect stable annual saving.

The number of non-performed midlife repairs and overhauls of pump-and-compressor units was 37 in 2001 and in 2002 - 57 non-performed repairs.

During midlife and general repairs bearings and mechanical seals were replaced. The cost of rolling bearing for the pumps № 216 is 204 rubles, № 66 414 - 824.7 rubles and the cost of mechanical seal is 53 881 rubles as of 2001.

Number of bearings for one pump: № 216 - 2 pcs. and № 66 414 - 2 pcs, mechanical seal - 1pc.

The cost of spare parts from the non-performed additional midlife repairs and overhauls will amount annual saving in 2001.


  1. Positive results of the implementation and operation make it appropriate the further systems expansion at the equipped units together with the connection of new units and parameters, particularly for condition control of pump face seals, bearing body temperature, etc. and equipment of the 1st, 2nd and 5th production units by the systems.
  2. To increase the effectiveness of the systems, it is necessary to provide training of specialists working with COMPACS® system, provide the metrological service AGPP by test and calibration facilities.
  3. To reduce the cost of scheduled maintenance it is necessary to provide on-condition maintenance of the units equipped with the system COMPACS®.


Authors: Deputy Head of Industrial Safety and Technical Supervision Department V.P. Kiyashko, Principal Engineer Pavlov V.A. / 2002

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Tags: COMPACS condition monitoring vibration analysis pump-and-compressor units Date: 20.05.2009
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