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In 2001 the quality management system of DYNAMICS SPC was put through facultative certification. In 2018 it was recertified for compliance with standards ISO 9001:2015. Its results confirmed a high level of goods and services quality management.
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Home Customers & responses Responses "Angarsk Petrochemical Company" JSC: Response to the operation of ACS SRSM™ COMPACS

"Angarsk Petrochemical Company" JSC: Response to the operation of ACS SRSM™ COMPACS


From 1995 to the present time our company cooperates with DYNAMICS SPC in the sphere of safe resource-saving operation of equipment. During this time, the basic machinery of technological systems (units 35-11/1000, 11/4 (AVDU-6), GK-3, 21/10-3M, L-24/6) is transmitted into the operation according to the actual technical condition on the basis of ACS SRSM™ COMPACS®.

To date, 439 units of pump-compressor equipment are under the control of the equipment condition monitoring systems COMPACS®, and in November-December 2006, under the constant technical condition monitoring 22 pumping units, 6 smoke exhausters, 2 air-coolers unit and 3 piston compressors were installed in the unit L-24/6. The technical condition of the unit L-24/6 rotating equipment is controlled by the system COMPACS® by 309 vibration parameters, 33 current consumption parameters and 3 rotating frequency parameters.

Simultaneously with the implementation of COMPACS® was conducted the implementation of the diagnostic network Compacs-Net®, which allowed to combine the diagnostic systems data and transmit the objective information concerning the equipment condition from the monitoring services to all stakeholders of the enterprise (Chief mechanic department, Chief power engineer department, technologists, technical supervision) to automate the planning processes and organization of equipment maintenance and repair.

ACS SRSM™ COMPACS® made transparent the processes of change in the technical condition of the controlled units and the staff technical discipline, thus enabling a timely and consistently carrying out of maintenance and repairs in real time to prevent failures and technogenic situations.

The system is easy to operate and is fully paid off in the first six months of work, as evidenced by a recent case of the failure prevention by the system COMPACS®.

In December 2006 while the commissioning of the system COMPACS® in the unit L-24/6 we managed to prevent the charging pump H-1 failure. This unit was connected to the system COMPACS® and its vibration activity during 2 days was within normal limits. 14.12.2006 at 12:01 the level of the controlled vibration parameters on the bearing pump supports abruptly increased. The unit was shut down, which prevented its further destruction and violation of the technological process, because the transition to the standby unit was carried out in time. When disassembling the stopped unit we found that the reason of the abruptly increased vibration on the bearing pump supports was a crack in the casing, through which the cooling jacket water got into the bearing.

Thus, the system COMPACS® before its entering into the commercial operation at the unit L-24/6 prevented the charging pump failure, the possible unit shutdown and in our opinion completely paid off at the stage of implementation.

The implementation of ACS SRSM™ COMPACS® in our enterprise has given a significant economic effect. Specific economic impact for a one diagnosed unit is more than 40 000 USD per year.

In connection with the above stated, in 2007 we plan to implement the system at the units 37/3 and 39/7 of the Achinsk Refinery Oil plant and the introduction of the third stage in the unit GK-3.


Authors: Refinery Chief Mechanic A.N. Aktuganov, Deputy Chief Mechanic S.V. Mukhin / 2006

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