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"Achinsk Refinery" JSC: Article in the newspaper "Zavodskaya Gazeta"



Ensuring accident-free and optimal operation of equipment and mechanisms – that is the daily or even hourly problem for the plant workers. Implementation of new technologies enables maximum controllability and predictability of this process. Thus, the main units of the plant have been gradually equipped with the COMPACS® systems produced by DYNAMICS Scientific & Production Center (SPC) "Dynamics". Our collaboration with this enterprise is mutually advantageous. So, the isomerization unit became experimental platform for adjustment of the system for emission-acoustic control of reactors.

We have a talk about the results of work and prospect development of the equipment monitoring systems with Alexander Naumenko who is the chief of the training unit and nondestructive testing laboratory of DYNAMICS SPC.

- What has been already done at the isomerization unit?

- DYNAMICS SPC has a long experience of monitoring systems installation at coking reactors, but isomerization unit reactors are specific. After two years of operation the plant specialists accumulated statistics (average information on the modes, influence of climatic features, etc.) that helped to adjust the system for acoustic-emission monitoring directly on the reactors.

From the very beginning the COMPACS® system has been controlling all significant equipment of the isomerization unit: reactors, pumps, air coolers. At the moment of launching the cases of pressure increase and operating practices failure were evidenced. It should be noted that the system responded adequately: it timely notified the troubles. Since then the time passed, and the system has already generated the signals of defects, which indicate initiation of the material damaging in the points of fastening, and the metal deformation. There are only crystal lattice microcracks so far, but it requires special attention because it may influence useful life of apparatus and electricity consumption.

- In what way?

- The system enables to fix the violation at the proper time and, therefore, to take measures. Let’s make an example. A centreless assembly, for example, the pump consumes more energy per shift. The analysis of operation of the most widespread equipment (pumps, compressors, electric motors) showed that improving their technical condition can reduce energy consumption by 15-25%.

- Are there any more advantages of the monitoring system installation?

- The right strategy for maintenance and repair of equipment helps to reduce operating costs. It's not a secret that schedule-based preventive maintenance and repair are very expensive. A timely and targeted maintenance is much more profitable for the enterprise.

The proposed SM™-technology includes the COMPACS® stationary systems for monitoring and diagnostics of pump-and-compressor equipment, stand systems for quality control of rolling and plain bearings, quality control of rotor balancing and assemblage of cradle-mounted pumps and electric motors, and the Compacs-Net® computer diagnostic network, which integrates stationary and portable systems and notifies of actual condition of the equipment under control.

- How is it implemented at the Achinsk Refinery?

- Investigations of Russian scientists in the field of real-time equipment monitoring were confidential for a long time. Perestroika and defence industry crisis forced to look for practical application of our own know-how.

In 1996 the first system of the Achinsk Refinery was installed on C-100 pumps. Seven COMPACS® systems have already been installed at the Achinsk Refinery, they realize vibroacoustic, acoustic emission, thermal, current, eddy current and parametric methods for diagnostics of machines, vessels and apparatus.

Acceptance test of reciprocating equipment is carried out at experimental stands produced by DYNAMICS SPC.

-  What innovations have been recently introduced at LK-6Us?

- 30 more air coolers have been equipped with the systems for condition monitoring by the parameters of vibration and alternating current (AC) in December 2009. And since June, after repair, the COMPACS® system has been installed to 40 air coolers; the system monitors their technical condition by the parameters of vibration and AC. During repair DYNAMICS SPC specialists carried out metrological calibration of the systems operation at LK-6Us units (C-100, C-300), gas compressor house and isomerization unit.

- Could you offer the plant any innovations in the nearest future?

- We have already drawn up the projects of the systems installation at C-100 furnace, and extra binding C-300/1. Air coolers of C-400 type are in our short-range plans as well.

- In your opinion, what are the main development directions of the concerned technology?

- We have been developing the COMPACS® system for 20 years. Now we are developing a brand new operating system UNIX. It enables expansion at the fieldbus level and increase of the switching rate. Field equipment is planned to be wireless because it will improve the data transmission. We have already created the prototype models.

The systems for diagnostics and monitoring were taken up not only in production but also in railway transport and in aeronautics. In addition, the doctors addressed a request to develop such systems for the purposes of medicine. Control of the main parameters of human body condition is a promising but not examined area.

The COMPACS® systems installed at the Achinsk Refinery monitor technical condition of 310 machine units and 3 reactors of the first danger class. At LK-6Us 98% of pumps, air coolers, and compressors are under control. Rather long experience of the COMPACS® system operation enabled significant reduction of failures of machine and pumping equipment. 


Authors: "Zavodskaya Gazeta" / 2010

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Tags: COMPACS Safe Maintenance pump-and-compressor units acoustic emission monitoring Date: 22.10.2010
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