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In 2001 the quality management system of DYNAMICS SPC was put through facultative certification. In 2018 it was recertified for compliance with standards ISO 9001:2015. Its results confirmed a high level of goods and services quality management.
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"Angarsk Petrochemical Company" JSC: Response to the monitoring and vibration diagnostics systems COMPACS and COMPACS-RPE


The implementation of vibroacoustic diagnostic and condition monitoring systems COMPACS® in oil-refining plant of "Angarsk Petrochemical Company" JSC began in 1995 with equipping of 354 assemblies of 35-11/1000, 11/4, GK-3 units. Currently, in "Angarsk Petrochemical Company" JSC the 673 main assemblies of the first class of hazard are connected with condition monitoring and vibration diagnostic systems COMPACS®.

Equipping units with the COMPACS®-systems, sensors must be mounted on the drive motor and actuator (pump, compressor etc.), then it becomes immediately obvious in which part of unit the problematic assembly is and what measures it is necessary to assume for the providing of fault-free operation.

Mounting on the electric motor of the:

  • vibration sensors - allows to control the lubrication condition, the nucleation and development of bearing defects, electromagnetic defects, disbalances, alignment problems, weakening of traction motor fastening;
  • temperature sensors - allows to follow up the operating temperature of the electric motor, the lubrication condition, the beginning of the bearing elements destruction;
  • current sensors - allows to control unit operators work in terms of stable technological operation and unit loading (overweight, idle, and etc.).

Automated expert system for decision-making support of COMPACS® helps personnel to maintain safe fault-free operation of electric motors. The equipping electric motors with systems COMPACS® permits to refuse scheduled preventive repairs and go over to condition-monitored operation.

In 1996, there was an implementation of stand system COMPACS®-RPE. The COMPACS®-RPE system provides the automatic diagnostic and health control of electric motors based on such parameters as vibration, temperature, current consumption with their registration and the issuance of the final protocol on test results. In April, 2013 the system COMPACS®-RPE (COMPACS®-M) at the workshop № 20 was modernized, thus, enabling to support 100% control of the electric motors repair quality.

Intuitive interface of the COMPACS® system allows technological personnel to use the system in their work without special training. System COMPACS® is simple in operation and service.


Authors: Director of the plant A.V. Kondakov / 2013

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Tags: COMPACS condition monitoring diagnostics vibration COMPACS-RPE electric motor diagnostics Date: 23.04.2014
Views: 1967

St.Petersburg-Moscow depot: Response to the COMPACS-EXPRESS-3 system


Saint Petersburg-Moscow EMU-train depot already more than two years uses electric trains, which are equipped with on-board monitoring system COMPACS®-EXPRESS-3.

The systems are fully off-line and don`t require the involvement of additional staff, as well as the application of special knowledge and skills by the locomotive crews and maintenance personnel for getting information about the condition of rolling stock units. All data on the condition, obtained on the basis of measuring system, are transmitted to the server of the depot diagnostic network Compacs-Net® by the atmospheric communication link. After that the data become available to the personnel in charge for diagnostics and heads of depot.

During the operation of on-board systems COMPACS®-EXPRESS-3 the failures of traction electric equipment, equipment of auxiliary circuits and pneumatic train systems and also equipment of mechanical parts were detected. Thereby, in autumn 2012 by usage of the system instructions the preventive repair of two traction motors electric ED4M-0376 and two traction motors electric ED4M-0381was carried out in time. Timely preventive repair gave tangible economic effect just as on the depot, because the repair was carried out at the expense of the manufacturer, so on suburban complex in general, due to the exclusion of mobile units sudden failure and the risk, associated with damage of uninterruptedness and the safety of the transport operation.

On-board systems COMPACS®-EXPRESS-3 in cooperation with the diagnostic network of depot Compacs-Net® is an effective and indispensable mean to maintain the proper level of operational readiness and ensure safety and continuity of the suburban electric trains movement.


Authors: Deputy chief of the EMU-train depot “Saint Petersburg-Moscow” on repair A.V. Orlov / 2013

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Tags: condition monitoring electric multiple unit COMPACS-EXPRESS-3 Date: 21.04.2014
Views: 1895

Anisovka depot: Response to operation of the COMPACS-EXPRESS-TR3 system


In Anisovka depot the system for complex diagnostics of electric multiple-unit trains COMPACS®-EXPRESS-TR3, meant for an assessment of the repair quality of the most important units and devices of electric trains, and for a comprehensive debugging of electrical sections, is actively operated for more than five years.

Obtained during the operation experience allows us to conclude that the system is a reliable source of information on electric trains condition, because all faults detected by the system are confirmed by the results of the additional sorting and revisions.

The system has a high variety of diagnosable assemblies and devices including the most dangerous defects as their passing into operation could cause spoilages and failures in transit with a significant delay in the train schedule. Many of the faults identified by the system could not be detected during conventional breaking-in tests and contact wire debugging.

The system allows to significantly improve not only the quality of repair, but also the safety, convenience of debugging due to the possibility of realization of the whole testing cycle without contact wire debugging in depot conditions protected from external adverse climatic factors.

At the present the system COMPACS®-EXPRESS-TR3 contributes to rapid and successful commissioning after repairs and ensures achievement of high safety level and continuity of railway transport functioning.


Authors: Chief engineer Golubev V.P. / 2013

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Tags: COMPACS-EXPRESS-TR3 diagnostics electric multiple unit Date: 16.04.2014
Views: 1744

St.Petersburg-Baltiysky depot: Response to the COMPACS-EXPRESS-TR3 system


The EMU-train depot of Sankt-Petersburg-Baltiysky makes TR-2 and TR-3 repair of EMU-trains of various series allocation of the Oktyabrskaya and Moscow railroads' depots.

With such repair volumes quality ensuring made repair is the most complex problem which is successfully solved, by, among other means, the usage of system for complex diagnostics of electric trains sections COMPACS®-EXPRESS-TR3.

This system is widely operated since October, 2008. In total more than one thousand sections of the electric trains repaired by the TR-2 and TR-3 programs was diagnosed for this period.

The system's functionality allows not only to reveal a large number of malfunctions, but also to adjust operation of the capital equipment: current collectors, brake devices, electric circuits and devices to make their fine tuning right on a test place in comfortable shop conditions, which, certainly, increases production culture, improves working conditions of mechanical technicians of a motor driven rolling stock.

The COMPACS®-EXPRESS-TR3 system is a source of reliable information on the condition of the capital equipment of electric trains and a guarantee of depot repair quality, and reliable and safe operation on the line.


Authors: Chief engineer of Sankt-Petersburg-Baltiysky depot - Gunenko N.D. / 2013

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Tags: COMPACS-EXPRESS-TR3 Date: 04.04.2014
Views: 2011

Bezymyanka depot: Article in the newspaper "Kuibyshev railwayman"


Accelerating Check-up

After-repair tests dispose of a human factor

In the Bezymyanka depot the test bench of electric trains COMPACS®-EXPRESS-TR3 by means of which direct current electric trains can be commissioned after planned TR-2 and TR-3 repairs, with no running tests carried out.

Earlier for a running-in the locomotive crew has been required. "The test bench considerably accelerates obligatory after-repair check of a rolling stock, trains are commissioned with no malfunctions, guaranteeing 100 percent quality of the repair", - the technologist of the production department of the Bezymyanka depot Sergey Kovalyov said. The complex diagnostic system is designed for carrying out a comprehensive condition assessment of the electric train main subsystems.


Authors: Vladimir Akshaev / 2013

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Tags: COMPACS-EXPRESS-TR3 diagnostics electric multiple unit Date: 21.03.2014
Views: 1758

"Achinsk refinery VNK" JSC: Response on vibration monitoring systems COMPACS at LK-6US GC unit


In 2005 on LK-6US unit in gas compressor room of "Achinsk refinery VNK" JSC 2 centrifugal compressors, 2 piston compressors and 8 pump units were plugged-in to a system for constant condition monitoring COMPACS®. Pumps and compressors are under constant control on 64 vibration channels, 8 temperature channels, 3 revolution channels and 7 current channels. That allows to carry out reliable and safe operation of critical equipment in the gas compressor room.

Besides, with the help of the Compacs-Net® diagnostic network, specialists can get information and efficient assessment of condition of the compressor and pump units, connected to the COMPACS® system, right from their workplaces, linked to the computer network.


Authors: Head of the Gas Compressor Room - Kuprin B.L. / 2013

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Tags: Compacs-Net COMPACS vibration Date: 11.03.2014
Views: 2184

"Achinsk refinery VNK" JSC: Response on vibration monitoring systems COMPACS at sections 100 and 300, LK-6US unit


Since 1996 on sections 100 and 300 of LK-6US unit, "Achinsk refinery VNK" JSC, 39 of the main and most significant pump units, were equipped with system of vibration monitoring COMPACS®. The units are under constant condition monitoring on 100 vibration channels and 39 current channels. In 2001 was made the first expansion, and in 2010 was made the second expansion of the COMPACS® system. Now the COMPACS® system carries out condition monitoring of 100 pump units of section 100 on 220 vibration channels and 100 current channels.

During the whole operation life DYNAMICS SPC supported the system’s good working order and timely update of its compound parts.

The enterprise diagnostic network Compacs-Net® allows to get information on pump units condition by a technical specialist and manager in charge of safe equipment operation from the workplaces of users connected to the computer network.

The enterprise’s employees successfully use the means of COMPACS® system and diagnostic network Compacs-Net® for condition assessment and safe operation of machinery and its compound parts.

This allows to carry out efficient assessment of pump units condition during the launch and operation and timely conduct maintenance and repair of pumps.


Authors: Mechanical engineer of the section 100, Argatkin S.I. / 2013

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Tags: Compacs-Net COMPACS vibration monitoring Date: 11.03.2014
Views: 2512

"Khabarovsk Refinery" JSC: Response to the operation of the bench-top systems COMPACS-RPP and COMPACS-RPM


The problem of reliable operation of equipment are urgent for the Khabarovsk Refinery. That became a main reason for cooperation with DYNAMICS SPC and implementation of the system for rolling bearing vibration diagnostics – COMPACS®-RPP.

The COMPACS®-RPP system makes bearings condition assessment according to the method М4600-001-00233856-97, approved by the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Bearing Industry. The built-in expert system developed by the DYNAMICS SPC makes clear the causes of bearing defects by the unacceptable values of roundness, heightened edges and roughness of the races and rolling elements.

The COMPACS® -RPP system is used for the acceptance test of all kinds of bearings supplied to the refinery and prevent the supply of low-quality bearings. The supply department returns the bearings, which have failed the acceptance test, to the supplier, returning the amount of money spent on their purchase.

The COMPACS®-RPM 7506 system has allowed to control bearing assemblies after repair, which reduced the number of repeated repairs and reduced the number of after-repair faults of the pump equipment.

The main advantages of the COMPACS®-RPP, COMPACS®-RPM systems are stable and easy operation, automatic diagnostics of equipment which does not require from the personnel any theoretical knowledge in the fields of vibration, diagnostics and balancing.


Authors: Chief mechanic Sarigin А.V. / 2013

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Tags: COMPACS-RPE electric motor diagnostics Date: 05.03.2014
Views: 1781

"Khabarovsk Refinery" JSC: Response to the operation of the system for electric motor diagnostics – COMPACS-RPE


The bench-top system for electric motor condition diagnostics COMPACS®-RPE by DYNAMICS SPC is operated in shop №1 at the "Khabarovsk Refinery", JSC since 2011. The COMPACS®-RPE system provides automatic diagnostic and control of electric motors condition after repair by the vibration parameters, temperature and current consumption.

Vibration and temperature sensors with magnetic fastening provide quick preparation of electric motors for the diagnostics.

The implementation of the COMPACS®-RPE system at the Khabarovsk Refinery has allowed to eliminate commissioning of the motors with increased level of vibration due to the defects of bearings, rotor, stator and design error. The bench expert system allows to carry out the electric motor debugging in the shortest terms if the personnel follows its recommendations.


Authors: Chief power engineer Voronenko L.А. / 2013

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Tags: COMPACS-RPE electric motor diagnostics Date: 05.03.2014
Views: 1846

St. Petersburg-Moscow depot: Response to the operation of the on-board system for electric multiple-unit trains equipment health monitoring COMPACS-EXPRESS-3


The 15 ED4M EMU-trains, equipped with the on-board monitoring system COMPACS®-EXPRESS-3, are currently operated in the depot. The first EMU-train, equipped with the given system, began to be operated in the depot in June, 2011. During this time the systems have proved itself as a reliable and effective instrument, enabling to reliably track the changes of the most important assembles and units of EMU-trains in real time; the assembles of mechanical section (bearings of boxes, reduction gears, traction electric motors; reducers driving gear; coupling; wheel pair tread, and also, spring units), electrical equipment of power and auxiliary circuits (traction electric engines, starter-arrestor devices, transducers, generators, compressors); the equipment of the air brake system, the control circuit of traction electric motors and auxiliary equipment.

In May 2012, the diagnostic network, allowing quick access to the information about the health of EMU-trains, equipped with COMPACS®-EXPRESS-3 systems, and displaying the received data on the work station of the personnel in charge: technologist, shift foreman, general foreman, was integrated at the depot.

Thus, since September 2012, the information about the unacceptable growth of the vibration-diagnostic characteristics of two traction electric motors has regularly received to the diagnostic network from the on-board system, fixed on the ED4M-0381 EMU-train (vide Appendix 1). The given information was immediately reported to the personnel in charge in the form of a technical condition report, for instance, the report № 7674 from 09.11.2012 with the message "Check TED" (vide Appendix 2) and with the recommendations such as "Diagnose the wheel-motor block" for the motor of the 3rd wheel pair, "Revise the bearing assemblies" for the engine of the 4th wheel pair of 038106 motor coach (vide Appendix 3). On the 17th of November, 2012, the motors with an unacceptable level of vibration were replaced. The vibration level sharply decreased to a normal after replacing the motors.

The on-board monitoring system together with the diagnostic network is a reliable source of information about the equipment condition of the rolling stock and powerful means of ensuring the safety of suburban passenger transportation on the Oktyabrskaya railway.


Authors: Deputy Chief in the field of repair A.V. Orlov, technologist P.A. Bazhanov / 2013

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Tags: condition monitoring diagnostics electric multiple unit COMPACS-EXPRESS-3 Date: 01.03.2014
Views: 1890
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