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In 2001 the quality management system of DYNAMICS SPC was put through facultative certification. In 2018 it was recertified for compliance with standards ISO 9001:2015. Its results confirmed a high level of goods and services quality management.
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NP "UIRE": Minutes of the IX regional conference "Concerning the perspectives of cooperation of Chuvashia Republic industrial enterprises and NP "UIRE"




The reports and presentations of Chuvashia Republic Head M.V. Ignatiev, President of "Russian Railways", JSC V. I. Yakunin, Chief Vice-president of "Russian Railways", JSC, President of NP "UIRE" V.A. Gapanovich, members of industrial companies of the Partnership and region were heard and discussed by the participants of NP "UIRE" IX regional conference, who noted the progressive and efficient development of railway engineering in Russia. Railway companies make technical upgrade of their production, renew their products, customers get new samples of innovative rolling stock.

At the same time, crisis and restrictive measures taken in Russian economy impede the general progressive development and require proactive reaction both from the railway companies and from regional and federal authorities.

The conference participants show complete support of "Russian Railways", JSC management actions aimed at saving the investment program and provision of purchase orders to railway companies, which directly provide social stability and support of their economic potential. By the end of the conference the folllowing steps have been taken:


30. To approve "Innovative technology of real-time monitoring of failures and operational risks of electric trains" developed by SPC Dynamics (Omsk) and recommend it to wide implementation.



Authors: Senior vice-president of "Russian Railways", JSC, President of NP "UIRE" V.A. Gapanovich / 2015

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Tags: condition monitoring diagnostics electric multiple unit MDRS Date: 03.04.2015
Views: 2001

"Rosneft - Tuapse Refinery" JSC: Response to the COMPACS vibration analysis and monitoring system operation


In April, 2012 the stationary system COMPACS® was implemented at the ELOU-AVT-12 unit. Under the COMPACS® supervision there are 256 machinery units: 59 pumps, 197 air-coolers. The machinery condition monitoring is carried out by means of vibration analysis and thermal methods of non-destruction testing with the help of vibration and temperature sensors.

The implementation of the monitoring systems ensures observability of the machinery condition in real time, timely reaction of the personnel to its changes due to the arising malfunctions of various assemblies and details, as well as with violation of the technological regime of its operation. This helps to carry out safe resource-saving and condition-monitored operation of machinery equipment.

At the Tuapse Refinery in maintenance & repair shop the COMPACS®-RPP system has been implemented and successfully operating since 2006 till the present time. Today, more than 2500 rolling bearings have passed the acceptance test.

The usage of the COMPACS®-RPP stand system has allowed to exclude putting into operation of low-qualified bearings, and, consequently, enhance the reliability and increase the resource of the machinery, which, as a result, led to a considerable money-saving.


Authors: Chief mechanical engineer of RN-Tuapse Refinery, JSC Kurashev A.A, Deputy chief mechanical engineer of RN-Tuapse Refinery, JSC Gusev S.G., Mechanic of the ELOU-AVT-12 unit Provotorov A.A. / 2014

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Tags: COMPACS condition monitoring reliability rolling bearings COMPACS-RPP acceptance test Date: 30.01.2015
Views: 2012

"Syzran Refinery" JSC: Response to the machinery condition monitoring system COMPACS at the technological units


The implementation of the machinery condition monitoring system COMPACS® at the technological units of Syzran Refinery, JSC has started in 2001. Currently, the COMPACS® systems provide condition diagnostics of rotating equipment of 10 technological units of Syzran Refinery: ELOU-AVT-6, UMK-2, L-24/8, LG-35/11-300, LCh-35/11-600, PGI-DIG/280, TK-3, TK-4, USMN, 43-102 assembly 2.

Such a large-scale implementation has allowed to cover 224 units with real-time condition monitoring. The maintenance personnel constantly uses system readings in their work, timely reacting to any changes of the machinery condition. For example, there are two latest cases when the COMPACS® system detected the defects of bearing assemblies:

  1. Beginning from 18.10.2014 TK-3 unit maintenance personnel using the COMPACS® system readings detected the increase of the vibration acceleration value of the rear bearing assembly of the N-16 unit motor. Gradually, the condition became "Unacceptable". 20.10.2014 the unit was decommissioned for repair after the replacement of the motor rear bearing and the unit start-up the vibration parameters were back to normal.

  2. 28.11.2014 TK-4 maintenance personnel during the idle running testing of the N-116 unit has discovered by the COMPACS® system readings a rapid growth of the vibration acceleration value of the front bearing assembly, after that the unit was decommissioned for repair. After the replacement of the front bearing the unit operates normally.

Many years of the COMPACS® system operation have proved its high efficiency, providing timely detection of the malfunctions and recommendations issuing to the personnel. That helped to increase the technological process safety rates and to provide the faultless operation of the rotating equipment of Syzran Refinery.


Authors: Technical director Yu.V. Popov, Chief mechanical engineer K.A. Nadrshin / 2014

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Tags: COMPACS condition monitoring vibration parameter accidents prevention Date: 30.01.2015
Views: 1772

"Saratov Refinery", JSC: Response to the automatic condition monitoring and vibration analysis system COMPACS at the ELOU-ATV-6 unit


In 2005 at the ELOU-ATV-6 unit of Saratov Refinery, JSC there were 29 the most important pumps equipped with the COMPACS® system providing continuous condition monitoring.

In 2011 the number of units which condition was under the supervision of the COMPACS® system increased by 55 items. Currently, the continuous condition supervision of the most important units is carried out through 271 vibration channel and 81 current measurement channel.

In case of worsening of the supervised units’ condition, which is characterized by the exceeding nominal parameters of bearing assembly threshold level vibration the COMPACS system issues verbal and text warnings to the shop personnel concerning the most possible reason of the condition worsening and recommendations for the actions need to be done. The warnings are checked by the engineering supervision group of the enterprise issuing the recommendations.

Due to the constant machinery condition monitoring and the Compacs-Net® diagnostic network of the enterprise, which allows for the personnel in charge to get the information on the condition of pumps under the supervision right from their workplaces, connected to the intra-plant computer network, the enterprise personnel managed to reduce the pump units downtime caused by the unscheduled repairs, which allowed to ensure annual production output in full volume and in time.


Authors: Production No. 1. Mechanic of the ELOU AVT-6 unit Kosolapov V.Yu. / 2014

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Tags: COMPACS condition monitoring accidents prevention Date: 30.01.2015
Views: 1845

"NNK-Khabarovsk Refinery" SC: Response to the COMPACS system for vibration analysis and monitoring of equipment at the unit №1


The COMPACS® system is implemented on the unit №1 of "NNK-Khabarovsk Refinery", SC in 2010. The system covers 21 main pump units and 13 air-coolers. The units are under the constant condition supervision carried out by 65 vibration channels, 52 temperature channels, 21 current channels.

The maintenance personnel of the unit №1 actively uses the system's readings in their work, not allowing the equipment operation in case of a defect nucleation, timely reacting to all the changes and fulfilling the prescriptions of the COMPACS® expert system.

The COMPACS® system allows to carry out timely and purposeful repair and maintenance in real-time which plays the important part in accident prevention.


Authors: Chief mechanic of "NNK-Khabarovsk Refinery", SC A.V. Sarygin / 2014

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Tags: COMPACS expert system accidents prevention Date: 20.01.2015
Views: 1785

"NNK-Khabarovsk Refinery" SC: Response to the COMPACS system for vibration analysis and monitoring of equipment at the unit №4


The COMPACS® system at the unit №4 has been operating since 2013. Today, is carries out the condition monitoring of 2 piston and 1 centrifugal compressors by 43 vibration channels, 16 temperature channels and 3 current channels.

Due to the constant control of the unit assemblies’ condition with a possibility of supervision and analysis of changes, the COMPACS® system allows to ensure safe operation of equipment.

The system helps to minimize sudden shutdowns of equipment as well as plan and carry out the repairs with optimal labor and material expenses and in the shortest possible time.


Authors: Chief mechanic of "NNK-Khabarovsk Refinery", SC A.V. Sarygin / 2014

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Tags: COMPACS expert system accidents prevention Date: 20.01.2015
Views: 2114

"Novokuibyshevsk Petrochemical Company" CJSC: Response to the rolling bearings vibration analysis system COMPACS-RPP


At the "Novokuibyshevsk Petrochemical Company", CJSC the COMPACS®-RPP system was implemented in 2007. The acceptance test is made to the bearings with inner diameter from 40 to 120 mm.

The system advantages are the following:

  • high operation speed;
  • low requirements for the personnel qualification;
  • fully automated operational process;
  • computer data archiving;
  • rejection by quality categories with the results issuing in electronic and in printed form;
  • no faults or failures during operation.

The system usage allowes to eliminate commissioning of defected bearings.


Authors: Specialist in charge of bearings control at "Novokuibyshevsk Petrochemical Company", CJSC Shadankin S. A. / 2014

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Tags: rolling bearings COMPACS-RPP acceptance test Date: 23.12.2014
Views: 1940

"Syzran Refinery" JSC: Response on the COMPACS system operation on the ELOU ATV-6 unit of the shop №1


The system for comprehensive monitoring, accidents prevention and machinery condition control COMPACS® on the ELOU ATV-6 unit was implemented in 2001.

During the operation time the COMPACS® system proved itself to be reliable and efficient means for real-time monitoring of the pump units condition changes, connected both with nucleation of different failures and operational regime violation . By the system readings several repairs were made proving the efficiency of condition monitoring by the vibration parameters.

Further extension in the period of 2007-2010 has allowed to cover the whole pump base of the unit.

In the 4th quarter of 2014 it is planned to finish the implementation of the COMPACS® system for the air-coolers condition diagnostics, which will allow to monitor not only the condition of units which sudden failure can lead to the shutdown or accidents, but the units which sudden failure leads to the reduction of technical-and-economic rates of the production.


Authors: The ELOU ATV-6 unit mechanic G.I. Romanov / 2014

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Tags: COMPACS condition monitoring diagnostics accidents prevention Date: 23.12.2014
Views: 2135

"Gazpromneft - Omsk Refinery" JSC: Response to the condition monitoring system for coke drums of 21-10/3M unit


In reply to your letter from 20.10.2014 №187-10/2014 we would like to inform you, that the coke drums of 21-10/3M unit are, indeed , equipped with the diagnostic system COMPACS®-AE.

In 1998 there was the first experience of equipping the coke drum №3 with temperature sensors, pressure sensors, and sensors for control of the drum linear size changes during operation. Installing the sensors on the coke drum we received the data on the drum surface temperature fields distribution, temperature gradients and control of the linear extension and the drum linear extension rates, at the same time the stages when the accidents arise were figured out – considerable deformations of the drum material (Appendix 1). The operating practices of the drum are cyclical, that is why the considerable deformations arise on every cycle, which leads to nucleation and development of fatigue cracks in the drum material.

In 2000, in order to provide the control for nucleation and development of defects in material of coke drums of delayed coker units (DCU), we equipped all 4 drums with the system for acoustic-emission monitoring of condition COMPACS®-AE.

The COMPACS®-AE system allows to detect the presence, place and category of AE-sources. When a defect is nucleating and developing in the drum side the COMPACS®-AE system points out the defect’s place, nature, development speed, danger rate. The technological personnel of the unit gets an opportunity to take timely actions on the repair work planning or accident prevention. During the overhaul of the drum, the repair is carried out in the places shown by the system.

In 2003, the Refinery technical supervision department has conducted cross-validation testing of two systems: the mobile station of AE-control SPARTAN and the system for automatic condition monitoring COMPACS®-AE (Appendix 2), which proved the correctness of measurement and analysis.

The comprehensive equipping by the COMPACS® system of the dynamic (pumps, air-coolers) and static equipment (coke drums) of the DCU allowed to detect the problem areas and to carry out some actions for the unit operation reliability increase and provision of the technological process stability (Appendix 1).

In the end of 2003, by the COMPACS® system readings from the 21/10-ЗМ unit operation, Russian State Technical & Mining Inspectorate has carried out interauthority testing of the system for comprehensive condition monitoring of petrochemical equipment – COMPACS®, with a help of RF Ministry of Energy. As a result of interauthority testing - the approach to the equipment operation based on the COMPACS® system for comprehensive condition monitoring of petrochemical equipment was approved and recommended to application on the hazardous production facilities (Appendix 3).

The fully operated system was designed and assembled by DYNAMICS SPC in 2011.

The system operation is set on a continuous computer monitoring, analysis and forecasting of the condition of coke drums. The system measures and controls the following physical parameters: acoustic-emission signals and their time and amplitude-frequency components; temperature; pressure; linear size measuring; trends of coke drum parameter changes, - all in all, about 49 measuring signals per one coke drum. The system displays the technological system and the equipment’s condition on a colored monitor in the form of three-color pictograms.

During the operation the system has not registered any defects of coke drums, the AE-testing of the operating coke drums before the planned overhaul in 2013 proved the absence of defects.

The COMPACS® system is on user maintenance provided by DYNAMICS SPC. The maintenance frequency rate, as a rule, is about once a month, considering the pump units. The system is repairable in period of the unit’s run-to-failure, since all the sensors are placed outside the coke drum casing. Some of the system’s details should be protected from high temperatures, oil products and water steam. During the coke drum isolation repair the damages of cable paths and AE-sensors can occur, so it is necessary to demount the sensors before the repair.

In general, the diagnostic system COMPACS® has proved itself to be reliable and efficient monitoring system, and an integral part of the equipment operational reliability provision.

DYNAMICS SPC and Omsk Refinery are cooperating since 1991. From the first days of the cooperation DYNAMICS SPC provides timely and qualitative services. Except for the whole complex of works on the design and equipping of the units with the COMPACS® systems in turnkey mode, DYNAMICS SPC also provides full maintenance and repair of the operating systems.


  1. Minutes of technical meeting from 09.04.2007, 2 pages
  2. Test report of the subsystem for acoustic-emission monitoring COMPACS®-AE, 2 pages
  3. Conclusions on the opportunities and expediency (made by the testing results and trial operation) of using the system for comprehensive monitoring of petrochemical equipment condition COMPACS® on chemical, petrochemical enterprises and refineries of Russia, 4 pages.


Authors: Deputy Director General, technical director, А.V. Panov / 2014

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Tags: acoustic emission COMPACS-AE coke drum monitoring Date: 23.12.2014
Views: 2036

"Angarsk Petrochemical Company" JSC: Response to the condition monitoring system COMPACS operation on the ELOU+ATV-6 Refinery unit of the shop 18


The COMPACS® system on the ELOU+ATV-6 unit is operated since 1995. Today, 138 dynamic equipment units are covered by the system. The maintenance personnel constantly uses the system readings, timely reacting on all the changes.

Such as, for instance, on 04.07.2014 according to the COMPACS® system readings the revision of the N-31A pump impeller was carried out. On 16.07.2014 according to the COMPACS® system readings the balancing of the AVO-5,5-3 air-cooler rotor wheel was made, on 13.08.2014 the N-21B pump centering was conducted.

By the results of many years of operation the COMPACS® system has proved its high efficiency providing timely failure detection and issuing of recommendations on the COMPACS® system monitor for the maintenance personnel and, thus, providing the increase of safety and uninterruptedness of the technological process.


Authors: First Deputy Director General - echnical director of "Angarsk PC", JSC I.E. Kuzora, Deputy chief mechanical engineer of the Refinery A.A Dvornikov, Refinery Shop No. 18 Manager A.A. Pavlov, Senior mechanic on VC and VD of the Refinery V. M. Smishchuk / 2014

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Tags: COMPACS accidents prevention Date: 21.11.2014
Views: 1958
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