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In 2001 the quality management system of DYNAMICS SPC was put through facultative certification. In 2018 it was recertified for compliance with standards ISO 9001:2015. Its results confirmed a high level of goods and services quality management.
In 2001 the quality management system of DYNAMICS SPC was put through facultative certification. In 2018 it was recertified for compliance with standard GOST ISO 9001-2011. Its results confirmed a high level of goods and services quality management.
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"Novokuibyshevsk Refinery" JSC: Response to the operation of the systems COMPACS and COMPACS-RPP


Our company has been successfully operating mounted on the process units UZK, 43-102/1 stationary systems of machinery vibration monitoring COMPACS®, and the system of rolling bearings vibration monitoring COMPACS®-RPP and confirms their effectiveness.

Nowadays we generate a list of investment projects and the plant arrangements in 2004, which provides fulfilment for the program of the technological facilities further equipping with the monitoring systems.

We will additionally inform you about the confirmation of the planned work.


Authors: General director A. Konovalov / 2004

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Tags: COMPACS vibration monitoring COMPACS-RPP Date: 26.06.2009
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"Astrakhangazprom" LLC: Response to the Standards of Russian technical expertise Association


The Standards of Russian technical expertise Association:
"Centrifugal pump and compressor units of hazardous facilities. Operating standards of vibration",
"Monitoring of hazardous production facilities units. General technical requirements".

Application experience of COMPACS® stationary systems for condition monitoring of equipment and diagnostic network Compacs-Net® for five users at nine processing units of Astrakhan gas-processing plant confirms the high effectiveness of condition monitoring for safe, fault-free operation of equipment.

The Standard "Centrifugal pump and compressor units of hazardous facilities. Operating standards of vibration" develops the guidance document, approved in 1994 by the State Technical Supervision Service and the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Russia, which first determines the rate of vibration according to vibroacceleration and vibro-displacement of such types of equipment, which previously were not controlled by these parameters. Very important is the rate valuation of vibration parameters change, which is not in any of domestic and foreign standards. Of fundamental importance are the ways of the sensors installation, listed in the Standard, as they not only reduce the number of sensors in one unit, but also eliminate interference with equipment construction.

The Standard "Monitoring of hazardous production facilities units. General technical requirements" for the first time determines the construction principles for monitoring systems, the systems classification and applicability for equipment of different danger and responsibility categories. The Standard defines a common structure and general requirements for condition monitoring systems. In particular sections the requirements to the monitoring systems of machinery units and process equipment are formulated. This allows to equip the enterprise with complex monitoring systems, thus implementing vibrodiagnostic, acoustic-emission, parametric and other methods of non-destructive testing on a single hardware and software platform, which is quite important in the modern world.

The Standards were first to set the terminology in the field of monitoring, which eliminates errors in the choice of systems. It is important that the thesis of the proposed Standards are worked out through their practical application in various industries. Commissioning of the Standards will significantly increase the operational safety of potentially hazardous industries.


Authors: General Engineer - First Deputy Director General, V.I. Geraskin, Deputy Director, Administration of Industrial Safety and Technical Supervision, V.P. Kiyashko / 2004

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Tags: COMPACS condition monitoring vibration vibration parameter technical condition Date: 24.06.2009
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"VNIPIneft" JSC: Response to computer monitoring system COMPACS


Computer monitoring system COMPACS®, developed and continuously improved by DYNAMICS SPC (Omsk) provides routine maintenance, protection of equipment and ensures reliability of technological systems in petrochemical and other industries on the basis of technical condition monitoring:

  • prediction of faults and defects;
  • technical condition monitoring of equipment;
  • prevention of accidents;
  • elimination of sudden emergencies;
  • warranted reliability support of the diagnosed equipment (centrifugal pumps, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, turbines, engines, gearboxes, etc.) and processes (temperature in furnaces, columns, etc.).

COMPACS® system is the stationary system of vibration analysis of equipment condition, with the sensors placed on the diagnosed equipment and connected to multichannel peripherals which are linked with a diagnostic station.

The staff caution about an intolerable condition of equipment is carried out visually.

Sensors and components of the system are particularly explosion proof.

COMPACS® system is used in the AVDU, AT, YUG, 35/11-1000, 43-103, L24-9, 37/1-5, 39/1 plants.

The system COMPACS® includes the following simultaneously occurring processes:

  • changes of diagnostic parameters in all system channels;
  • self-control of measuring channels;
  • archiving of measuring parameters;
  • evaluation of the equipment condition according to measuring parameters and issuing messages about the intolerable condition to the staff (on-screen displaying, voice message);
  • giving information about the equipment condition (numerical values of the parameters, operating time, trends, date and time of start/stop) on the color graphic display, printer, via telephone network to a diagnostic network server of technical supervision.

The system produces a consistent survey of the connected sensors.

COMPACS® system allows to conduct a regular (rather than a periodic with portable devices) observation of the parameters changes, characterizing the reliability of equipment, provides a reliable diagnosis of defects in bearings, cavitation modes of operation of pumps, violations of shaft alignment and balancing of rotating parts, weakening of pumps and motors fastening to foundation, as well as failure of face seals.

The system is competitive with foreign counterparts and has a low cost of implementation (compared to "Bently Nevada", U.S., "Brüel and Kjer", Denmark).

Using of the system COMPACS® allows to pass to the equipment repair not according to SPR but to the actual technical condition and expected failures.


Authors: Chief Mechanic A.V. Malinin / 2004

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Tags: COMPACS vibration analysis accidents prevention Date: 22.06.2009
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"Astrakhangazprom" LLC: Information on the implementation of units monitoring systems COMPACS


Currently "Astrakhangazprom" LLC has implemented in its production 5 systems COMPACS®, which monitor the technical condition of 155 pump-compressor units. In 2001 - 78 units, in 2003 - 77 units: U-1.731 - 53 assemblies, U-1.732 – 16, V-1.734 - 21, 4U-151 – 9, (1-4) U-172 - 56 assemblies.

The systems prevent sudden failures of units due to lack of lubrication, bearing defects, violation of balancing, alignment, fastening, cavitation, hydroblows, motor defects, etc. In addition the systems display automatically the defective units and the names of defects on the color screen of diagnostic station, issue a residual life prediction and verbal warnings to personnel.

The diagnostic network Compacs-Net® and five stations for users have been installed.

Information on the technical condition of equipment is transferred in real time through the diagnostic network Compacs-Net® to the stations (PC) of users in the CMDt, CEDt, CIA, TSDt and to the chief mechanic of the third production.

The systems provide the shifting of units to on-condition maintenance instead of SPR system according to the "Electric Curtain pump and compressor units equipped with the system COMPACS®. Operating rate of vibration", approved by the State Technical Supervision and the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Russia.

The implementation of the system COMPACS® resulted in the significant increase of processing units reliability with the full use of units resource. Cost savings for repair of units is estimated at more than 3 million rubles, and the reduction of losses due to underproduction exceeds 30 million rubles.


Authors: Head of TSDt V.P. Kiyashko / 2004

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Tags: Compacs-Net COMPACS accidents prevention technical condition Date: 19.06.2009
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Oil industry and transport energy resources Department (Russian Ministry of Energy)


About the materials "Comprehensive condition monitoring system of petrochemical complex equipment" and "Real-time condition monitoring system of the enterprise equipment for maintenance on technical condition"

Oil industry and transport energy resources Department considered submissions on the DYNAMICS SPC elaborations: "Comprehensive monitoring system of petrochemical complex equipment", "Real-time condition monitoring system of enterprise equipment for maintenance on technical condition" and the Conclusion of the Committee, established by the Deputy Chief of the State Technical Supervision Service of Russia A.I. Subbotin’s order of 02.12.2003 № P-20, by the acceptance tests of the specified elaborations in "Sibneft-Omsk Refinery" JSC and supports the recommendations of the Committee to develop a Guidance document for their use.

The Department believes it possible to recommend the use of these systems at refineries of Russian Federation.


Authors: Deputy Head of the Department A.I. Bocharov / 2004

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Tags: technical condition monitoring Date: 17.06.2009
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"Sibur-Khimprom" JSC: Response to the operation of the rolling bearings vibration monitoring system COMPACS-RPP


The system COMPACS®-RPP, manufactured by DYNAMICS SPC, has been operated in the repair production of "Sibur-Khimprom" JSC since 2001.

The system COMPACS®-RPP evaluates the bearings condition according to the method M4600-001-00233856-97, approved by SRI of Bearing Industry. Built-in expert system, developed by DYNAMICS SPC, specifies the causes of defects in the bearings by unacceptable values of roundness, cutting and asperity of tracks and rolling elements.

The operator sets the diagnosed bearing on the bearings bench-run SVDP-1 and then the system automatically tells him what should be done. On the basis of the system instructions, the operator enters into the software the bearing passport details, then the system automatically launches the run-in table SVDP-1, starts the bearing diagnostics, archives the diagnostic results and stops the run-in table. Printed on the operator's command condition protocol contains the recommendations on further use of the bearing on the high-speed (3000 r/min), medium-speed (1500 r/min) or low-speed (<1000 r/min) units which realizes the resource-saving technology of repair management.

The system COMPACS®-RPP is unpretentious to the environment, is operated in difficult conditions of repair production and does not require special facilities, air conditioning and air purification.

The system is ergonomic, provides testing throughout the day and is easy to manage. The staff training is carried out within 2-3 days during the process of commissioning and acceptance tests.

With the help of COMPACS®-RPP our enterprise has established the process, which provides 100% acceptance test of all the acquired bearings, their sorting into three categories of quality. Now the units are automatically equipped with good bearings, which has reduced more than 2 times the amount of repetitive maintenance work and has decreased the number of sudden failures of units by 20-30%.

Supply service returns the bearings which failed the acceptance tests, thus getting back the money spent on their acquiring.


Authors: Deputy Chief Engineer for the Industrial Safety and Labor Protection A.G. Ryabov / 2003

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Tags: bearings vibration analysis COMPACS-RPP acceptance test Date: 12.06.2009
Views: 1462

"LUKOIL-Volgograd Refinery" LLC: Response to the results of the implementation and operation of ACS SRSM COMPACS


Since 1996 "LUKOIL–Volgogradneftepererabotka" LLC has implemented a number of diagnostic and monitoring systems of machinery technical condition. According to the results of operation in February 1997 during the technical meeting at "LUKOIL" JSC a positive decision was made concerning the further involvement of DYNAMICS SPC (Omsk) in equipping of "LUKOIL-Volgogradneftepererabotka" LLC with ACS SRSM™ COMPACS® in order to prevent failures and downtimes of process units, as well as to transmit the machinery to the on-condition maintenance. To date, the enterprise fully uses all the elements of on-condition maintenance technology, which consists of:

  1. stationary systems for diagnosis and monitoring to prevent failures and control the technical condition of machinery COMPACS® at 9 plant units: 5, 6, 11, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 60;
  2. systems of repair quality control: acceptance test and diagnostics of bearings COMPACS®-RPP, cantilever pumps rotors diagnostics and balancing in their own bearings COMPACS®-RPM, systems of repair quality control of electric motors COMPACS®-RPE;
  3. portable diagnostic systems Compacs®-micro, intended for the quasi-static equipment diagnostics;
  4. diagnostic network Compacs-Net®, combining all the systems into a single information space, allowing the technical management of the enterprise to control in real time the operation of the enterprise machinery from the workplace.

As a result of ACS SRSM™ COMPACS® implementation the company has significantly decreased the number of emergency breakdowns of tubing units, reduced the number and complexity of equipment repairs, improved the production discipline and the quality of repair work, the operation of process units equipment has became "transparent".

The implementation of ACS SRSM™ COMPACS® at "LUKOIL-Volgogradneftepererabotka" LLC allowed to save significant amounts of money by dint of the actual exclusion of failures caused by pump-and-compressor equipment and idle process units for these reasons, reducing the cost and extent of carried out repairs, reallocation of overhauls and medium repairs to current, as well as due to energy savings by dint of significant decrease in vibration activity of machines.

The economic effect of the systems COMPACS® application far exceeded the costs on their implementation.


Authors: Chief mechanic V.M. Durosov / 2003

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Tags: Compacs-Net Compacs-micro COMPACS COMPACS-RPP COMPACS-RPE COMPACS-RPM ACS SMSPM™ Date: 10.06.2009
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"Sibur-Khimprom" JSC: Response to the operation of the personal diagnostic system Compacs-micro


Since 2001 our company has in its operation two personal diagnostic systems of technical condition of machinery Compacs®-micro manufactured by DYNAMICS SPC. The use of Compacs®-micro allowed to bring the work of vibration analysis group to a qualitatively new level.

The system Compacs®-micro provides configuration of the built-in expert system to automatic diagnostics of a wide range of units. In addition to the diagnostic results output to the MicroMonitor screen and the display of a personal diagnostic station, the system Compacs®-micro sends diagnostic messages through headphones to a diagnostician, which allows him not to look at the numerical values, thus providing a rapid pace of equipment round, spending on each point at most 2 minutes.

Owing to the use of Compacs®-micro the time of regulations issue concerning the safe operation of equipment with unacceptable technical condition has reduced to several minutes. Now the diagnostician does not have to come back to the laboratory after carrying out the measurements, to fold data on a computer from a collector, as it used to be done previously, to make the diagnosis, to print a regulation and deliver it back to the object for execution. As long as these stages being disjunct, the diagnostic results were often delayed. Through the use of Compacs®-micro everything is done in one visit of the object.

Compacs®-micro embodiment can be used in four different ways, depending on the problem to be solved at ambient temperatures below minus 30 degrees. In addition to vibration and thermodiagnostics the system Compacs®-micro allows to carry out units balancing on site.

The MicroMonitor, which is controlled by two buttons, weighs less than 600 grams and accumulates more than 1000 measurement results, is certified on the explosion protection class 0ExiaIICT6, which allows to use it for explosive objects containing hydrogen-air mixtures.

The systems Compacs®-micro, in our opinion, covered its cost within a few months of operation at our enterprise.


Authors: Deputy Chief Engineer for the Industrial Safety and Labor Protection Ryabov A.G. / 2003

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Tags: Compacs-micro vibration analysis balancing Date: 08.06.2009
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"Kuibyshev Refinery" JSC: Response to the operation of the compressors and turbines control systems COMPACS


The system COMPACS® has been installed at the unit L-35/11-1000 of the workshop №1 of the Kuibyshev Refinery. The system provides control and analysis of operation of the centrifugal compressor CC-1 of 5CD-208/30-45M grade and steam turbine ST-1 of K-6-30P grade.

The system COMPACS® monitors the operation (vibrotechnical condition) of compressor and turbine bearing units in three directions: axial, vertical and horizontal, as well as provides the ability to measure three quantities: velocity (mm/s), vibroacceleration (m/s2), vibrodisplacement (mic). In addition to bearing vibration, the number of the compressor rotor revolutions and the oil temperature when pouring off the compressor and turbine bearings are measured as well.

COMPACS® is easy to operate. The indications of vibration sensors have been repeatedly checked by additional measuring of vibration by the portable vibration analyzer M-2115, the results are positive. The system allows to analyze the unit operation by looking at trends. COMPACS® is necessary for safe operation of petrochemical plants.

The system COMPACS® is desirable to be established on the pumping equipment of the unit L-35/11-1000 of the Kuibyshev Refinery workshop №1. This will allow to monitor constantly the temperature and vibration of operating equipment, especially the high-voltage pumps N-1, 2, 8, 9 of NPS-200/700 grade (N=400 kW, U=6000, n=2950 r/min) and hot pumps N-3, 4 of NK-335/560-120 grade, N-5 of NKV-600/125 (N=132 KBT, U=380, n=2950 r/min), N-12, 13 of NKV-360/125 grade (N=100KBT, U=380, n=2950 r/min).

The unit lacks of piston machines diagnostics during their operation, except for visual inspection. Installing the sensors of valves malfunction, hydroblows diagnostics, crosshead and piston operation, will detect the failure of the piston compressors PC-1, 2 of 4M16-22, 4/23-64 grade at earlier stages.

To date, the system has an inconvenience. When starting a centrifugal compressor CC-1, the rotor revolutions control is carried our from the operator’s premises, but it is necessary to see the system indications from the gas compressor facility (directly at the machinist's workplace).


Authors: Head of shop №1 Yu.G. Sivtsov, Mechanic of shop № 1 E.V. Simonov, Mechanic of the plant 35/11-1000 Costin D. / 2003

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Tags: COMPACS vibration analysis accidents prevention Date: 05.06.2009
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"Syzran refinery" JSC: Response to the operation of the COMPACS vibration monitoring systems of pumps and compressors


The COMPACS® systems, implemented in the four plants of "Syzran refinery": ALOU-AVDU-6 - in September 2001, LCH-35/11-600 and USMN - in June 2002., L-24/8s - in October 2002, have shown the advantages of continuous monitoring of rotating equipment in comparison with periodic survey provided by portable vibration analyzers. During the COMPACS® systems operation on the controlled pump and compressor units no accidental failure of the pump equipment took place.

Plants staff uses actively the indications of the systems in their work, preventing operation of equipment in the context of developing defects, promptly responds to any changes.

Your experts carry out the planned arrangements for the maintenance of the systems COMPACS®, remove observations and conduct outreach on emerging issues with the employees of our company.

COMPACS® systems demonstrated the reliability and excellent activities of hidden defects detecting in rotating machinery.

The enterprise management plans to supply completely the pumping equipment CDU-VDU-6, to purchase the system for vibration analysis of rolling bearings COMPACS®-RPP, the system of dynamic balancing of pump rotors in their own bearings COMPACS®-RPM for the needs of repair production. Increase in the number of COMPACS-Net® subscribers is planned as well.

We look forward to further cooperation and expansion of activities in the implementation of diagnostic tools at our company.


Authors: Chief Mechanic I.J. Vostrikov / 2003

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Tags: COMPACS reliability vibration analysis pump-and-compressor units accidents prevention Date: 03.06.2009
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