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In 2001 the quality management system of DYNAMICS SPC was put through facultative certification. In 2018 it was recertified for compliance with standards ISO 9001:2015. Its results confirmed a high level of goods and services quality management.
In 2001 the quality management system of DYNAMICS SPC was put through facultative certification. In 2018 it was recertified for compliance with standard GOST ISO 9001-2011. Its results confirmed a high level of goods and services quality management.
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St. Petersburg-Baltiyskiy depot: The article in the newspaper "Gudok"


Considerable savings

Next year the railcar depot St. Petersburg-Baltiyskiy will increase the amount of repaired sections from 220 to 270. For this purpose the depot began implementing the project "Thrifty production".

Last week after a visit to the depot "RZD" JSC president Vladimir Yakunin noted that "Thrifty production" is a fundamentally new approach to quality management. Today it is not only the problem of the branch but that of economics as well. The efforts to improve efficiency, start small: how a cutter and a nut are put, and how people feel. "For example, this depot cost reduction is 1 million rubles per year, and this is just one site, but if we take all over the web, we’ll get hundreds of millions. For instance, I considered the project of the lighting replacement in the Severomuisk tunnel. Replacement of incandescent lamps gives an annual saving of 2.5 million, and how many of such tunnels exist across the country? This is the thrifty production. In regard to the labor arrangement - as the saying goes - all new is well forgotten old, and people who work here, feel comfortable, because they realize themselves as real engineers," - stressed the head of the company.

"Thrifty production" is implemented in two workshops - at the Electric Apparatus site and at the Wagon Department,"- said the Chief of commuter traffic direction "Transcom" Igor Akobardin. The first stage of the "Thrifty production" implementation is to bring workplaces into order. "When this process just began, half a ton of garbage was taken out of the depot. The workplaces must comply with the standard production process, that is, there should be only necessary tools. It gives an opportunity to avoid time loses in the initial stage, when a person comes to work," - mentioned Igor Akobardin.

According to his words, at the first stage the terms of repair have reduced, the productivity have increased. "For example, at the Electric Apparatus site a rheostat repair took about 11.3 hours. Only due to tiding up the workplace, putting the necessary tools nearby the worker, improving the lighting of the workplace, we have that the rheostat controller repair takes now 9.2 hours," - told Igor Akobardin.

One of "Thrifty production" elements is called Poka-Yoke, a system of protection against unintentional errors, in other words it prevents poor-quality repairs. To do this, at the depot at the cars diagnostics position a complex COMPACS®-EXPRESS-TR3 is installed. The uniqueness of the complex is that it allows you to diagnose almost all railcar equipment, preventing access of poorly repaired vehicles to the line.

The diagnostic system monitors the wheel motor units, measures the insulation resistance of high-voltage and low-voltage electrical circuits, static characteristics of the current collector cars, the parameters of pneumatic and brake systems of cars. "For example, previously the rheostat controller left the site without being tested and was placed on the rolling stock, and if it immediately broke down, is was returned to the depot for reworking. The diagnostic system tests efficiency of the repaired stock, which leaves the site guaranteed serviceable. While testing the system issues an electronic protocol," - says Igor Akobardin. According to his words, for the first nine months of this year due to this equipment 24 cases of reworking were excluded. Thus, 72 hours of working time were saved. As a whole, owing to the new technology the number of unscheduled repairs has decreased by 9.2%, i.e. up to 36 cases against 39 in 2008. A non-production costs have reduced by 12%.

It is planned that till the end of the year, "Thrifty production" will be implemented in three depots of the railway.


Source: The newspaper "Gudok", St. Petersburg - 11.3.2009. - №207. - p.5.

Authors: Iana Pozolotchikova, spec.cor. of the newspaper "Gudok" / 2009

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Tags: diagnostics COMPACS-EXPRESS-TR-3 wheel motor units Date: 20.11.2009
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Fergana Refinery: Response to the operation of the system COMPACS-RPP


Since December 2008 our company has successfully operated an integrated area of rolling bearings acceptance test, based on the system of bearings vibration monitoring COMPACS®-RPP, which provides all the conditions of the bearings acceptance test, namely, reactivation, finishing washing and drying of bearings, their visual-measuring control with measurement of magnetization and demagnetization, vibration monitoring of bearings with bore diameters from 7 to 120 mm on the system COMPACS®-RPP (drives 1608 and 1602) and their conservation after the acceptance test.

100% acceptance test of the acquired rolling bearings and their diagnostics before they are installed are carried out in the area.

The area implementation allowed us to exclude the installation of low-quality bearings, thus ensuring their safe operation and increased the machinery residual life. Since the implementation more than 350 bearings from different suppliers have been tested. The percentage of delivered defective bearings has decreased from 60% to 20%. In addition, the plant has stopped acquiring bearings from companies offering low-quality bearings.

I would like to point out that the system of rolling bearings vibration monitoring COMPACS®-RPP is reliable, convenient, easy to use and does not require specially trained engineers and technicians – 3-4 class for locksmiths is quite enough.


Authors: Chief mechanic of the Fergana Refinery E. Abduraimov / 2008

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Tags: bearings vibration analysis COMPACS-RPP acceptance test Date: 14.09.2009
Views: 1531

"Slavneft-YANOS" JSC: Response to the operation of the motor vibration monitoring systems COMPACS-RPE


In 1999 "Slavneft-YANOS" JSC implemented two benchtop systems for vibration diagnostics of electric motors COMPACS®-RPE in the workshop №18 (electric shop). Trial areas of low-voltage and high-voltage motors are equipped with the systems COMPACS®-RPE.

The systems COMPACS®-RPE provide automatic diagnostics and monitoring of motors technical condition according to the parameters of vibration, temperature, current consumption and register settings and issue the final protocol on the results of the tests.

Availability of COMPACS®-RPE allowed to provide 100% quality control of electric motors repairs. The system COMPACS®-RPE eliminates the passage in operation of electric motors with a high vibration due to defective bearings, rotor, stator and assembly errors.

Automated expert system COMPACS®-RPE in case of deviations from the norm of the diagnosed motor technical condition, gives concrete recommendations to the staff, thus providing the electric motor operational development in the shortest time.

The system COMPACS®-RPE is simple and reliable in operation. The electric shop staff easily operates with COMPACS®-RPE.


Authors: Head of workshop №18 A.A. Vorobjev / 2009

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Tags: COMPACS-RPE after-repair testing electric motor diagnostics technical condition Date: 02.09.2009
Views: 1550

RPK Vysotsk "Lukoil-II": Response to the operation of the automatic vibration analysis system COMPACS


The system COMPACS® has been implemented in the RPK Vysotsk "Lukoil-II" in 2004 on completion of construction and before the commissioning of the first phase of the object. Construction flexibility of the system COMPACS® allowed to connect the new pumping equipment to the system as the new RPK capacities have been commissioning (2005 - 2nd phase, 2006 – 3rd phase). Totally 71 main units of RPK Vysotsk "Lukoil-II" have been connected to the automatic vibration monitoring system COMPACS®; these units provide unloading of various petroleum products from the tank wagons, their pumping in the vessels and subsequent loading into the marine tankers.

COMPACS® implementation allowed to monitor the tubing equipment operation at all stages of technological circuit. The automated expert system COMPACS® provides timely diagnostics and issues concrete recommendations to the staff to improve the equipment technical condition.

Due to connecting the pump-and-compressor equipment of Vysotsk RPK "Lukoil-II" to the system COMPACS® we have managed to automate the process of oil pumping. The tubing equipment is scattered on the territory of RPK over many kilometers. The pumping units launching and shutdown are made from the central console by a dispatcher, who monitors the technical condition of the operating units and can take prompt actions in case of malfunctions appearance.

The presence of COMPACS® allowed to exclude the sudden failures of machinery and switch to on-condition maintenance.

Data from COMPACS® transfer to a computer network and are available for the heads of departments and all the specialists, concerned in the operation of the equipment services.

Technological staff, operating the system COMPACS®, should not have any special knowledge.

The system COMPACS® is simple to operate and maintain.


Authors: Chief Engineer Yu.N. Morozov / 2009

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Tags: COMPACS vibration monitoring pump-and-compressor units Date: 31.08.2009
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"Saratov Refinery" JSC - Response to the benchtop system for vibration analysis of rolling bearings COMPACS-RPP


In June 2006 "Saratov Refinery" JSC implemented the system COMPACS®-RPP. Initially were tested all previously purchased (before the system implementation) bearings. Over 50% of them were discarded. The newly delivered bearings from the supplier, who already knew of the impending inspection, were also subjected to control. 100% of all delivered bearings underwent the acceptance test.

967 bearings were tested. Percentage of defects was 23%. The bearings that failed the acceptance test, were returned to the supplier for change. In the last delivery of the bearings the rejection was only 7%. The supplier, aware of the impending 100% control, has become more careful in the matter of quality bearings delivery.

The advantages of COMPACS®-RPP include the following:

  • high speed of operation;
  • low requirements to the staff qualification;
  • industrial design that provides high reliability;
  • fully automatic workflow; the operator has just to set the bearing and start the process of diagnostics.

The use of the system allowed to exclude the omission of low-quality bearings and, consequently, to improve the reliability and extend the operating equipment resource.

The economic effect of COMPACS®-RPP is an exclusion of any equipment failures caused by defective bearings. Previously, during six months due to the bearing defects 2 or 3 serious pump failures and 10 or 12 unscheduled pumps shutdowns occurred.


Authors: Deputy Chief Mechanic, D.M. Galeev / 2009

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Tags: bearings vibration analysis COMPACS-RPP acceptance test Date: 28.08.2009
Views: 1519

Novosibirsk depot: Response to the operation of the system COMPACS-EXPRESS-TR-3


In August 2008 in Novosibirsk depot of Inskaya branch in the lifting repair workshop TR-3 the system for electric multiple units comprehensive diagnostics COMPACS®-EXPRESS-TR3 was implemented. It was intended to assess the repair quality of electric trains units and machinery.

The advantage of the systems COMPACS®-EXPRESS-TP3 consists of the fact that it not only gives the staff a convenient and powerful tool for the comprehensive electrical sections diagnostics with a high degree of reliability and timeliness of diagnosis-making, which enables to accelerate and facilitate an after-repair debugging of electric trains, but performs automatically all the basic functions as well.

To the positive properties of the system should be added the complete coverage of diagnosed units and machinery, the reliability (up to 100%), the functionality, the efficiency and the degree of diagnostic processes automatization, the exclusion of human factor.

The operation of the system COMPACS®-EXPRESS-TR3 in the depot Novosibirsk of Inskaya branch improved the quality of repair which is caused by an objective automatic assessment of the after-repair technical condition of the electrical sections. Received during the system operation results show its technical and economic efficiency, achieved by minimizing the cost of debugging and the after-repair electric trains monitoring, as well as by the defects reducing caused by repair personnel and maximal use of embedded resource.

The high necessity of the system COMPACS®-AGREGAT implementation should be noted. At the testing station the system allows to assess operatively the technical condition and the repair quality of wheel reduction gear units, wheelsets and pantograph, traction motors, compressors and transducers (voltage dividers) and to control the quality of their insulation. The increase of production and technological discipline is possible only by connecting of the stationary positions to the diagnostic network Compacs-Net® with the delivery of the reliable information about the products quality in real time to all relevant services and levels.


Authors: Deputy Chief Depot Novosibirsk E.G. Vyatkin / 2009

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Tags: COMPACS-EXPRESS-TR-3 after-repair testing electric multiple units COMPACS-AGREGAT technical condition Date: 26.08.2009
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"LUKoil-Volgograd Refinery" LLC: Response to the operation of the vibration monitoring systems COMPACS


Since 1996 the enterprise "LUKoil-VNP" has implemented 13 stationary, 2 bench and 3 portable systems COMPACS®. At the present time under the continuous vibration monitoring systems control are more than 360 units of pumping equipment.

For an objective assessment of rolling bearings technical condition in the bearings acceptance test section the system COMPACS®-RPP is used. To control the quality of electric motors repair in the repair production the system COMPACS®-RPE is used.

In the department of technical supervision three portable diagnostic systems Compacs®-micro are implemented and operated; they serve as a means of the equipment operational control and of carrying out the units dynamic balancing on site of their installation. That allowed to handle all the enterprise pumping equipment.

As a result of ACS SRSM™ COMPACS® implementation the number of the pumping units emergency breakdowns has significantly decreased, as well as the amount and complexity of the equipment repairs, the production discipline and the repairs quality have improved, the operation of the process units equipment have become transparent.

ACS SRSM™ COMPACS® implementation permitted to save significant amounts of money due to the exclusion of failures, caused by the pumping equipment and the process units downtimes, and by dint of the cost and repairs reduction, their redistribution from overhaul to permanent. The economic effect of the systems COMPACS® application far exceeded the cost of their implementation.


Authors: Chief mechanic V.Yu. Chasovskoy / 2009

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Tags: Compacs-micro vibration monitoring COMPACS-RPP COMPACS-RPE acceptance test Date: 24.08.2009
Views: 1521

"Achinsk Refinery VNK" JSC: Response to the operation of the condition monitoring system of pump and compressor equipment COMPACS


Since 1996 our processing units have been equipped with the systems of technical condition computer monitoring of pump and compressor equipment COMPACS®.

Currently, under the control of the systems COMPACS® are more than 300 units of pump and compressor equipment on the units LK-6US, LK-6US GK, VT-Bitumnaya, VPSG, Titul 79, Isomerizatsiya.

The systems installed in the repair production, allow to control the quality of repair and perform the diagnostics during and after the repair of pumps and electric motors, as well as to conduct an objective assessment of the rolling bearings technical condition.

In the laboratory of the technical diagnostics and in the unit Isomerizatsiya three portable systems Compacs®-micro are used, they allow to carry out an operational control of any rotating equipment and dynamic balancing of assemblies on site of their installation.

In addition, the enterprise has implemented and successfully operates the diagnostic network Compacs-Net®, which includes a server and 10 users and allows making a remote control of the equipment technical condition and has convenient tools for such control.

As a result of the comprehensive equipping with ACS SRSM™ COMPACS® the enterprise staff has received a powerful tool to reduce significantly the number of the equipment emergency breakdowns, to decrease the quantity and complexity of repairs, to improve the production discipline and the quality of repairs.

All this leads to a considerable reduction of financial and labor costs to maintain the equipment in working condition, as well as to a substantial lowering of costs connected with the units downtimes due to a sudden failure of operating equipment. The economic effect of the systems COMPACS® application far exceeds the expenses for their acquisition and implementation.


Authors: First Deputy General Director, Technical Director O.A. Druzhinin / 2009

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Tags: Compacs-Net Compacs-micro COMPACS condition monitoring pump-and-compressor units technical condition Date: 21.08.2009
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"Tobolsk-Neftekhim" LLC: Response to the operation of the computer monitor COMPACS


In the production "Butadien" of "Tobolsk-Neftekhim" LLC the vibration parameters of pumping equipment are controlled by the computer monitoring system COMPACS®.

20 pumps are connected to the present system COMPACS® in CGFU workshop (commissioned in 1994) and the following measurements are carried out:

  • vibroacceleration - 57 channels,
  • velocity - 57 channels,
  • vibrodisplacement – 57 channels,
  • current consumption - 20 channels.

36 pumps are connected to the present system COMPACS® in DBO-10 workshop (commissioned in 1998) and the following measurements are carried out:

  • vibroacceleration - 72 channels,
  • velocity - 72 channels,
  • vibrodisplacement – 72 channels,
  • current consumption - 36 channels.

20 pumps are connected to the present system COMPACS® in DBO branch and in DBO-2/3 workshop (commissioned in 1997) and the following measurements are carried out:

  • vibroacceleration - 48 channels,
  • velocity - 48 channels,
  • vibrodisplacement - 48 channels,
  • current consumption - 20 channels.

During the operation of the system its advantages and assignments were fully confirmed.

  1. The intuitively comprehensible user interface allows reducing the time of mastering the system by the staff.

  2. COMPACS® provides safe operation of equipment by continuous monitoring and recording the values of components and assemblies technical condition with the ability to monitor and analyze changes (current indications and data trends for a certain period of time).

  3. The system allows conducting a convenient history of repairs, runs, machines switchings on and off.

  4. By dint of the system we can prevent (minimize) the sudden, unplanned shutdowns of equipment, thereby reducing material and labor costs for unscheduled repairs, as well as plan, prepare in advance and carry out repairs with optimal material and labor costs in the short term.

We see the further development of the system in the change of the diagnostic stations equipment for a modern one with the ability to transmit data in real-time to the concerned experts in the local enterprise network, as well as with the ability to integrate these data into the enterprise automated system of maintenance and repair.


Authors: Head of automation service of butadiene, isobutene and MTBE production, V.A. Kazakov / 2009

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Tags: COMPACS condition monitoring vibration parameter Date: 19.08.2009
Views: 1608

"Achinsk Refinery VNK" JSC: Response to the operation of the equipment comprehensive condition monitoring system COMPACS


We inform you that since 1998 our enterprise has been successfully operating the equipment comprehensive condition monitoring system COMPACS®, developed and implemented by DYNAMICS SPC, that combined the various methods of diagnostics and non-destructive testing - vibration analysis (vibroacceleration, velocity, vibrodisplacement) by the process parameters (current , bearing temperature, etc.) and an expert system of decision making support concerning the equipment condition management, ensuring the CIP monitoring and diagnostics in real time without decommissioning of the machinery (pumps, compressors, motors, fans, etc.) and process equipment (reactors, columns, furnaces, piping, etc.). The system provides a visual display of the current equipment condition, issues recommendations to the staff for immediate actions and a voice warning in automatic mode.

At present "Achinsk Refinery VNK" JSC operates the comprehensive monitoring system in the process units and pumps (centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, pumps, air coolers and reactors). We plan to install the system on the shell and tube heat exchanger and vertical steel process furnaces.

Taking into consideration the positive experience of DYNAMICS SPC production, which led to the reduction of petroleum products losses, the increase of pumping equipment run-to-failure, the decrease of costs for its maintenance and repair, we suggest you to consider application of the full range of DYNAMICS SPC products to implement it to the newly projected production. We hope for cooperation.


Authors: Technical Director S.V. Khandarkhaev / 2008

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Tags: COMPACS vibration analysis non-destructive testing monitoring Date: 17.08.2009
Views: 1376
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