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In 2001 the quality management system of DYNAMICS SPC was put through facultative certification. In 2018 it was recertified for compliance with standards ISO 9001:2015. Its results confirmed a high level of goods and services quality management.
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DYNAMICS SPC – Diagnostics, reliability of machinery and complex automation


DYNAMICS SPC MISSION is Research, development and distribution of the Technology of Safe & Resource-saving Operation & Maintenance of Production Facilities by implementing the systems for automatic real-time diagnostics and monitoring of malfunctions and operational risks at all stages of the facility life cycle


DYNAMICS Scientific-and-Production Center (Ltd.) is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of the stationary, portable and bench instruments and systems for vibration analysis, computer monitoring and automatic diagnostics of equipment COMPACS®, combined into an integrated diagnostic network Compacs-Net®, which constitute the ACS SMSRTM™ COMPACS® – the automated control system for safe money-saving operation of equipment in real time at all life-cycle phases.

The systems realize all the main types of non-destructive testing (NDT), including vibration analysis, acoustic emission, electrical, optical, eddy current, thermal, ultrasonic, acoustic and other NDT methods. This allows on a common hardware and software platform to implement an automatic diagnostics and technical state monitoring of various types equipment, such as:

  • dynamic equipment (machinery, rotary) - pumps, centrifugal and piston compressors, electric motors, reduction gearboxes, multipliers, fans, centrifuges, gears - over 2450 types of other rotating machinery;
  • static equipment (column-capacitive) - columns, tanks, reactors, pipelines, receivers, heat exchangers, ovens.

DYNAMICS SPC carries out works on the systems implementation on a "turnkey" basis, namely, design and survey works, design development, industrial safety expertise of design documentation and equipment. The company employees perform construction and installation, wiring and commissioning works, the Customer’s personnel training and certification in the field of the COMPACS® systems operation, the systems warranty and post-warranty service.

Doctors and PhD in Technical Sciences work in the company, many specialists are certified on the 2nd and 3rd level of non-destructive testing methods, which allows to carry out industrial safety examination of hazardous production facilities, the Customer’s personnel training and certification in such kinds of NDT as vibration, acoustic emission and others in DYNAMICS SPC Training center, accredited and certified in accordance with existing state standards.

The Center carries out survey of enterprises, develops a feasibility study and a program of the equipment operation on its actual technical state in real time in order to improve industrial safety, effectiveness and efficiency of its production facilities. According to the developed program, the system of schedule-based preventive repair is optimized, run-to-repair and run-to-failure of the equipment and the whole production operation increase.

DYNAMICS SPC performs the whole complex of works on implementation of the vibration analysis systems COMPACS® at the Customer’s enterprises

DYNAMICS SPC specialists implement the COMPACS vibration monitoring systems

DYNAMICS SPC performs the whole complex of works on implementation of its products at the Customer’s enterprises. DYNAMICS SPC specialists carry out design and survey works on the Customer’s technological objects, develop design documentation for the supplied products, fulfill installation on site of construction and installation works, wiring and commissioning works, acceptance tests, the Customer's representatives training in the field of the implemented products operation, provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance.

The first system SVK-1 has been implemented in October, 1990, at the Omsk refinery, and since then there is a constant process of the systems improvement and broadening of customers circle.

Nowadays DYNAMICS SPC products are successfully operated at 105 Russian, near and far abroad enterprises, as well as at hundreds production facilities. The systems diagnose more than 25700 domestic and foreign machines and units of over 2450 types.

Reliability of products, supplied by DYNAMICS SPC, has been proved by more than 25 years of operation at customers’ objects. Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF):

  • sensors - 1 600 000 h.
  • modules - 510 000 h.
  • controllers - 72 000 h.

Implementation of systems for the equipment state monitoring allows:

  1. at technological objects:
    • to provide the equipment technical state monitoring;
    • to increase stability of the technological process due to prevention of accidents, production malfunctions and downtimes;
    • to provide economy of operational expenses by maintainability preservation at full use of the equipment service life, an exception of unreasonable and low-quality repairs;
    • to provide economy of materials, components and spare parts;
    • to replace overhauls and medium-scale repairs with maintenance;
    • to provide acceptance tests and final checks and the equipment automatic diagnostics after repair and mounting;
  2. in repair productions:
    • to increase the repair quality by dint of the equipment bringing to the demanded quality rating and reduction of decommissioned equipment and repeated assembling and dismantling and transportation works;
  3. within the enterprise:
    • to increase the personnel controllability;
    • to reduce volumes and terms of overhauls on the basis of profound diagnostics and comparative analysis;
    • to optimize the equipment base for the purpose of minimization of energy consumption and production losses;
    • to eliminate design errors and accelerate commissioning of new objects.

DYNAMICS SPC specialists have developed a number of generic solutions for ensuring safe money-saving operation of machinery and processing equipment, which allows to operate the equipment and carry out schedule-based preventive repair according to the actual technical state.

In various industries a large amount of machinery and mechanisms are controlled by the COMPACS® technical state monitoring systems: pumps, centrifugal, piston and screw compressors, reduction gears, multipliers, electric motors, steam turbines, mixers, reactors, refrigerators, steam generators and hydraulic turbine generators, dryers, rolling mills, exhausters, machining facilities, air cooling units, suction-and-exhaust ventilation, columns, separators, tanks, pipelines, gate valves of pipelines, wheel motor units of electric trains, locomotives and electric locomotives, electrical sections and electric multiple units as a whole.

Design of the systems for the equipment vibration analysis COMPACS®

DYNAMICS SPC specialists design the vibration monitoring systems COMPACS

When designing new products, the latest hardware and software are used, thus allowing to reduce considerably time for production development, to increase the production quality and to reduce time for preproduction. All design documentation is prepared according to requirements of Unified System of Design Documentation (USDD) and other normative documents.

DYNAMICS SPC has a specialized department, which is engaged in development of design documentation, which allows in the shortest terms to develop projects of any volume and complexity.

All the department specialists are certified for knowledge of the industrial safety requirements, established in federal laws and regulations, which allows to develop design documentation for equipping of hazardous production facilities with the COMPACS® monitoring systems, obtaining a positive industrial safety expert review.

Design documentation of the COMPACS® computer monitoring systems for accidents prevention and machinery health control includes:

  1. an explanatory note;
  2. general data;
  3. a specification;
  4. a list of diagnosed equipment;
  5. installation charts for sensors;
  6. an electric block diagram;
  7. an electric schematic diagram;
  8. an external wiring netlist;
  9. a hook-up diagram for equipment and wiring;
  10. location plans for equipment and wiring;
  11. attached documents.

DYNAMICS SPC has certificates of:

  • Self-regulated Organization Non-profit Partnership "Union of Omsk region Builders" (SRO NPP UORB) for admission to types of activities, which affect the safety of capital construction objects № 0272.02-2010-5501013916-S-021.
  • Self-regulated Organization Non-profit Partnership "Interregional Union of Siberian Designers and Architects" (SRO NPP IUSDA) for admission to a particular type of work or types of activities, which affect the safety of capital construction objects № SRO NP-SPAS-P-5501013916-0102-4.

Production of the COMPACS® systems for the equipment monitoring and vibration analysis

DYNAMICS SPC specialists create the vibration monitoring systems COMPACS

To manufacture products that meet the needs and expectations of customers, DYNAMICS SPC has its own production capabilities, equipped with the most advanced equipment. DYNAMICS SPC has a unique set of high-precision vibration measurement equipment, which is used in testing of all systems, produced by the company.

The quality of products and services, offered by DYNAMICS SPC, has been confirmed by necessary certificates, permits and licenses.

All products, manufactured by DYNAMICS SPC since 1993, undergoes an obligatory periodic certification under the requirements of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision for the use at its regulated plants and facilities.

Thus, the COMPACS® and the Compacs®-micro systems for equipment vibration analysis, as well as a vibration calibrator 8001 are suitable for use for many years of their production and operation. Moreover, these systems have certificates of conformance with the standards requirements for the explosion-proof electrical equipment.

All the systems manufactured by DYNAMICS SPC are measuring devices. They have entered the Russian Federation State Register of measuring devices and have the type approval certificate for measuring devices.

Totally DYNAMICS SPC has more than 40 permits, which are constantly kept up to date in accordance with the Russian Federation laws.

Installation and commissioning

DYNAMICS SPC specialists install and commission the vibration monitoring systems COMPACS

DYNAMICS SPC performs installation on site of construction and installation works, as well as wiring and commissioning works. Under the company experts’ supervision and according to the developed design documentation, construction and installation works on laying of ducts, pipes protection and local cable lines, mounting of boxes and sensors holders at the monitoring objects.

DYNAMICS SPC specialists fulfill mounting of the diagnostic stations equipment, field modules and sensors, perform an autonomous and comprehensive commissioning of the system. Upon the commissioning completing and together with the Customer’s specialists, the carry out acceptance tests of the fully assembled and functioning system COMPACS® for the equipment technical state monitoring and then place it in commercial operation.

For the products successful implementation, a series of instructions and technical documentation has been developed, the specialists have their own tooling and a well-proven technology, which allows to provide a the products assembling and commissioning from the first presentation to the Customer.

At the final stage of implementation, during acceptance testing, DYNAMICS SPC provides training of the Customer's specialists on the operating rules for the vibration monitoring systems and equipment under their control.

Warranty and post-warranty service of the COMPACS® systems

Warranty and post-warranty service, verification and calibration the COMPACS vibration monitoring systems

After the products implementation DYNAMICS SPC provides warranty service in the terms, established in the technical documentation, or specified separately.

Regardless of the service type, DYNAMICS SPC provides free advice on how to use the company products in various operating conditions and on the diagnosed equipment operation, by any means of communication and in direct contact with the Customers.

There have been developed techniques and equipment, allowing to verify and calibrate the COMPACS® vibration monitoring systems on-site and without disassembly.

In order to ensure verification and calibration in the systems operation places, there have been designed and manufactured the following instruments: a universal calibrator 8003 and a vibration calibrator 8001. These instruments have entered the Russian Federation State Register of measuring devices and have the type approval certificate for measuring devices, and the vibrocalibrator 8001 has a certificate of conformance with the standards requirements for the explosion-proof electrical equipment and can be applied directly in the equipment locations in explosive areas.

The metrological service of DYNAMICS SPC has been accredited by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology for the right of measuring instruments verification and the calibration; besides, the service has experts, who have been certified for execution of these works.

We make the future clear, certain, predictable and safe!

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